wedding ceremonyIf you’re planning an upcoming wedding ceremony, you seriously need to consider Super Size Screens.

You can use our Super Size Screens during the actual wedding ceremony and the wedding reception.

If you’re having a large wedding, you can have a professionally video recorded wedding that can be played back in real time on one of our Super Size Screens.

Imagine you and your bride or groom on the huge screen as you are reciting your vows.

Or you can use the huge screens for other purposes. If you can imagine it, we can make it happen. You’ll find some of our ideas to make your wedding an amazing experience for everyone who attends.

Jaws will drop when your wedding guests see the Super Size Screens at your wedding.

No one will match your wedding with the services we provide. You will be so happy with your wedding when you use our services. Your wedding will be remembered by everyone who attends… especially you and your groom/bride.

One of the BIG Problems With Wedding Ceremonies…

I’m sure you’ve been to a good number of weddings.

Have you always been able to see the bride and groom during the wedding ceremony?

In my experiences, it’s very difficult to see the bride and groom at all during the ceremony. If you watch throughout the crowd, you’ll see everyone trying to move around just to get a glimpse at the bride and/or groom during the wedding.

outdoor weddingIt’s almost impossible to see them both during the ceremony due to the seating arrangement and the large number of people in the crowd.

We can fix that with our Super Size Screens.

If you have someone professionally video recording your wedding ceremony, they can provide us with a video feed that we can play back on our huge inflatable movie screens.

Everyone will be able to see the bride and groom perfectly.

And that’s what makes an amazing wedding ceremony. Your guests will be able to see the main attraction during the wedding ceremony. And they will be amazed with your wedding ceremony. It will be engraved in their minds because they have never seen anything like our Super Size Screens before.

We can do both indoor and outdoor weddings.

Another BIG Problem With Wedding Ceremonies…


As the bride and groom recite their vows most people can’t hear anything.

In almost every wedding that I have ever been to, I could barely hear the bride and/or groom as they recited their vows.

The people who are attending your wedding want to hear you recite your vows. That’s why they came.

We will make sure that people hear you and your partner during the ceremony. We can have multiple microphones being fed into our top-notch audio system.

That’s something you aren’t going to get with most weddings.

Sound will not be a problem in your wedding ceremony. The sound quality will be crystal clear and amazing during the entire ceremony. People will be able to hear every word during your ceremony.

Book Us Now for Your Wedding…

perfect weddingWe can provide any services we have available for your wedding.

From our huge movie screens for your ceremony or your reception…

To our amazing sound systems and concessions (food and drink) for your wedding reception.

Here’s just some of the services we can provide for your wedding:

  • Real Time Video Playback for Your Wedding Ceremony
  • Slide Shows With Pictures from Your Past for Your Wedding Ceremony
  • Videos of the Bride/Groom and Their Families on our Movie Screens During Your Ceremony
  • Music Videos on the Huge Screens to Go Along With Your Music Selection
  • Presentations on the Large Screens for Your Ceremony
  • Continuous Slide Shows or Presentations for Your Wedding Reception
  • Amazing Sound With Your Music and Music Videos for Your Wedding Reception
  • Games on the Big Screen for Your Wedding Reception (Dance Competition, Boxing Matches between Father of the Bride and Groom, etc)
  • You Can Play Anything You Want on the Big Screens Along With Any Sound You Want Coming From Our Speaker System

If you want to have an amazing wedding ceremony and a very fun wedding reception, give us a call today to book us.

We’ll help you with suggestions and ideas for your wedding to make it the once in a lifetime experience that you deserve.

Call Us Right Now To Discuss Your Wedding Ceremony With Us…

Call us today to make sure we’re available for your wedding date. Get your wedding date on our calendar by calling today.

We will also work with your wedding planner, event planner, or party planner to make sure everything is exactly how you want. We strive for perfection in everything we do.

Your wedding will be perfect!