weatherIf you’re event is going to take place outdoors…

Weather is going to play a factor in the success of your event.

Weather is a huge variable and something that no one can control (as you know).

We’ve all been dealing with this fact our entire lives. We’ve all watched the weather forecasts for our vacations, our outdoor cookouts, outdoor birthday parties, trips to a water park or beach, and more.

We’re all accustomed to the weather changes around this area as they can be erratic at times.

We do our best to ensure your event is successful. No matter what we attempt, though, there are going to be times when an outdoor event is postponed or cancelled due to bad weather. We wish there was always great weather, but that just isn’t going to happen.

Safety Is Always Our Number One Priority For You And Your Guests

Our number one priority is to ensure the safety of all people at your event.

If there is a chance of bad weather, the event will be postponed or even cancelled if the danger is too great.

People have been killed due to people taking chances on outdoor events during bad weather. We will NOT, under any circumstances, take a chance with the safety of anyone. Safety of you and your guests is always our top priority.

We understand that your event is very important to you, but it’s just an event. Life is much more important than any event, and we’re sure you’ll agree with us on that fact.

Strategies To Ensure A Successful Event Even With Bad Weather

Since we cannot control the weather, we implement several strategies to help your chances of a successful event.

If you’ve read our mission statement, you’ll know that our mission is to ensure your success. We are on your side and have researched weather patterns, monitor the weather prior to your event, and do everything we can to make sure you’re successful.

We do this all the time so we can guide and direct your decisions about the event.

We will only step in if your judgement may be blurred because of the importance of your event to you. If there are any possible safety issues due to weather, we will postpone or cancel the event.

Electronics and rain do not mix and can cause electrical shock hazards.

Wind and large objects do not mix either and can cause flying object hazards that can harm people badly.

You are the decision maker for the event but we will provide the guidance you need to make the right decision.

Always Have a Backup Plan Just in Case…

If there is even a slight chance of bad weather during your scheduled event time, you will want to have an indoor location available so you can move the event indoors.

Many of the locations for larger events also have a large indoor gym. Gyms are great places for indoor events as they are usually very comfortable and the environment is controlled. Outdoor events are so much fun, but indoor events can be amazing as well.

People will not mind when you move the event indoors and many of your guests may even be impressed by your willingness and drive to continue the event indoors.

As an example, a school may have an outdoor movie scheduled after the first week of school to help build relationships between teachers, parents, students, and school administrators. Building relationships is one of the best things a school can do for its students, teachers, and parents.

The school decides to have the event just outside the gym in an open field so everyone can bring their blankets, chairs, and sleeping bags to lounge and relax during the movie.

Before the event, a thunderstorm with possible high winds pops up on our radar.

We immediately notice the storms on the radar and immediately look for more information on the storms. We find that the chance of the storms hitting the event are very likely.

We immediately contact you and inform you that we need to execute your backup plan.

You agree so we setup for the event indoors and direct everyone there. You always have the option to cancel the event and schedule for another available date. If we have already delivered to your event location, there may be a small fee to pay for labor and travel expenses. If we have already setup equipment, there will be a fee to cover labor and travel expenses. We only charge our cost as we do not make a profit at your expense.

The above was just an example but is something you should really think about if there is any chance of bad weather.

We Can Delay The Event…

If there are high winds (greater than 20 mph) without rain, we can deflate any of our inflatable screens in 5 minutes or less and wait for the winds to calm down.

We can then inflate the screens and continue the event.

We can also pack up the electronics equipment if there is rain and delay until the rain stops. This will cause a delay for your event.

It all depends on the severity of the rain and wind. If it’s not bad, we can delay. If it’s a huge thunderstorm with dangerous winds and rain, it’s best to move to the backup plan. Wet conditions are also not great for your guests.

If You Don’t Want to Take a Chance…

If there is a high probability for bad weather, we can move your event to an indoor location or we can move the date of your event.

The choice is yours. It’s usually best to make this decision before our planned departure time so there is no fee associated with the cancellation. If you would like to cancel the event due to weather before our departure time, there is no fee associated. We will gladly move your event to another available date.

We will monitor weather forecasts leading up to the day of your event along with historical data for the day and time of your event.

We will keep you updated and let you know if there is a high probability of bad weather. If we do contact you due to the possibility of bad weather, we will discuss your options and the possible use of a backup plan or a different date for your event.

As you know, weather is very unpredictable but we will do our best to ensure your event is successful.

You can count on us to help you through any bad weather situations for any outdoor events. Our weather monitoring services and backup planning is included in the price of our packages.

Can The Event Continue in the Rain?

If there is light rain, we can continue the event. We’ve done this in the past for customers who had shelter for the people attending the event (a pavilion or something with a roof will really help). We simply leave the inflatable screen out in the rain and place covers over our speakers and media box.

The rain does cost us a lot of extra clean-up work once the event is over since the screen and equipment needs to be dry. But this is another service we will provide to you free of charge. Other companies will not risk your event for light rain. If you need to keep the event going for any reason, we will do our best. If the weather turns very bad at all, we’ll have to shut the projector down and deflate the screen.

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