movie brave on 165-inch inflatable screenEvery so often, we like to get out one of our inflatable screens out and watch a movie with our 2 little girls for a family movie night. This also gives us a chance to make sure the screen is in perfect shape and allows us to do some cleaning and maintenance on each screen. We always make sure the equipment is in perfect shape before your event.

We’ve watched movies in our side yards, by the garage, from our driveway, from the kid’s playhouse area, and in this case… from our front porch. We thought we would give the front porch a try this time, and we were glad we did. Lots of fun. The kids really thought it was neat.

My husband and I set this one up in about 30 minutes even with the huge speaker system and 2 kids running around. We’ve done these outdoor movie setups hundreds of times, though. It might take a beginner about an hour or so to set this package up. It’s available for Do-It-Yourself packages, and we’ll even give you a quick training session at time of pickup to make things even easier for you. None of our past customers have had any issues when renting this package from us. We give you a detailed instruction manual that makes everything very easy for you.

And of course, if you would rather us deliver this package, set this package up for you, and take it all away when you’re finished… we can do that with one of our We-Do-It-All or Drop-Off-Pick-Up packages. Just look at our 165-Inch Inflatable Screen packages for pricing and options.

Here’s What We Watched

We watched the movie Brave by Pixar Studios. This isn’t the first time we’ve watched it as it’s one of our favorites to watch. The girls are always asking to watch Brave.

Here’s the trailer for the movie:

We really like the movie and would give it a rating of 7 out of 10 as we did on the Super Size Screens IMDB page. It’s not the greatest movie we’ve ever watched but it is a fun and exciting movie with bright colors and good action.

Pictures of the 165-Inch Inflatable Screen Setup for Brave

We like to take pictures of every setup we do, whether it’s for us or for one of our customers. Sometimes we forget the camera, but we usually make a good attempt to remember it so we can include the pictures here on our website.

Our customers love seeing pictures of the equipment so here you go:

[nggallery id=33]

Notice the amazing brightness and clarity of the picture on the inflatable screen. This is also with just a standard definition video projector and not one of our high definition upgrades. We thought we would show you how great the standard definition looks on the screen.

The amazing picture is due to the high gain from the screen surface. All of our inflatable screens produce an amazing picture on the screen.

We Also Took Some Videos of the Setup and the Actual Movie

We posted these videos to our You Tube account. We’ll be posting more there in the future so please subscribe to our channel if interested.

Here’s a Video After Setup:

Here’s a Video During the Actual Movie:

I think you’ll see why outdoor movies are so much fun. You can now enjoy movies outdoor under the stars with your family, friends, and other acquaintances. Kids truly love outdoor movies. They’ll remember the experience for a lifetime!

If you’re interested in a package like this or a smaller or bigger inflatable screen, give us a call at (502)396-9536 and let us know what you need.