4th of july outdoor movies4th of July is one of our favorite holidays. How can it not be for any American? It’s the day we celebrate our independence with huge fireworks, awesome parties, amazing cookouts, and more! It’s a time for family and friends.

So let’s say you want to make your 4th of July really special this year or next. Why not plan an “American” themed party with amazing music and American food followed by an outdoor movie on one of our huge inflatable screens. For a huge finale, get some booming fireworks! You’ll have the most memorable fourth of July party ever.

Nothing beats fireworks after a 4th of July themed outdoor movie. Imagine watching one of your favorite movies under the stars on the 4th of July. When the movie is over, the fireworks commence! Fly a flag or two to add that extra special touch to your party.

The 12 Best 4th of July Movies to Watch on Inflatable Screens

My husband absolutely loves the first movie listed below. He usually hates watching movies more than once, but he’ll watch the Patriot over and over again. The Patriot is our favorite movie on the list, but there’s some other great ones on the list. Independence Day is another one of our favorites! Here’s our list:

The Patriot

It’s tough to beat the Patriot for a Fourth of July movie event. Watch this and tell me if you disagree:

Independence Day

This one has lots of action and great images for the huge inflatable screen:

Top Gun

One of the most popular Fourth of July movies ever is Top Gun. I’ve gotta say — it’s a great movie and perfect for an outdoor movie.

“Maverick? Does your mother not like you or something?”

United 93

Remember that haunting day? You can bring back powerful memories of the day that shocked our country and honor the people who died that day. These people were heroes.


If you’re a sports fan as well as a fan of 4th of July, this is the perfect movie for you.

Miracle is just an awesome movie all around. Watch it outdoors and be amazed with your friends and family.

Field of Dreams

No matter what you might believe, baseball is America’s past time. Field of Dreams is great on the big screen:

Apollo 13

The perfect movie to watch outdoors, at night, under the stars with your friends and family for the fourth of July. Apollo 13 is the perfect American movie:

Saving Private Ryan

A great movie showing the sacrifices our troops make for our country so that we have the freedom to watch outdoor movies on the 4th of July. Just think — because of our troops we have freedom to make choices each and every day.

Saving Private Ryan might not be the most exciting movie ever, but it serves an awesome purpose on our Independence Day.


This movie doesn’t need much of an introduction at all. America is the land of opportunity! Need some motivation and an action packed movie? Rocky is perfect for a 4th of July outdoor movie.

Forrest Gump

Forrest Gump is a great movie for any Fourth of July party. I absolutely love this movie on one of our inflatable screens.

You just run! Run Forrest! America is great. We all know it. Forrest proved that anyone can do anything in America.

Die Hard

One of the best action packed movies for a 4th of July outdoor movie. It may have been a while since you’ve seen Die Hard, but take a look:


If you have a pool around for a hot July night, why not try a “dive-in” movie at the pool with the movie Jaws showing on a huge inflatable screen? Can you imagine the fun you’ll have that night? Guaranteed memories for that night, and that’s something you just can’t put a price on.

What can I say? Jaws is a classic. It’s definitely a movie I will always remember.

4th of July Inflatable Screen Rentals Go Fast

4th of July is one of our most popular holidays here at Super Size Screens. If you’re looking to rent any of our inflatable screens for the 4th of July, you should give us a call now… even if the holiday is a year away.

Remember, for the Fourth of July we can do:

1. Outdoor Movies
2. Pool Parties (Dive-Ins)
3. Indoor Movies
4. Drive-In Movies
5. Video Games
6. Presentations
7. Slideshows
8. Karaoke
9. Music Videos
10. Streaming Movies / Videos
11. Any TV Shows
12. Sporting Events

And more…

If you can see it on any TV screen, computer screen, phone screen, tablet screen, or any screen — we can project that onto any one of our huge inflatable screens.

You can choose one of the 12 best 4th of July movies we’ve given you on this page OR you can be even more creative and come up with your own event. How about a video game tournament for you and your friends? Or give a night presentation for your business. Or advertise your BIG 4th of July Sale several consecutive nights before the sale.

If you have any questions, just let us know. Talk to you soon.