surround soundWe have 3 different surround sound upgrade options available for any of our packages. These options include 4-speaker surround sound, 6-speaker surround sound, and 7-speaker surround sound. Surround sound can really set your event apart from other events and make it unique. People absolutely love surround sound!

One of the problems with outdoor movies or other outdoor events is the people closest to the speakers get blasted with high sound levels while the people further away can barely hear the sound at all. Not good. We’ve allowed you to overcome this big problem by giving you the option to add surround sound to any package. Great sound makes your event even greater!

Here’s an overview of the 3 surround sound system options we have available to you:

4-Speaker Surround Sound System

Please refer to the diagram below. On each side of the inflatable screen, you’ll see a speaker. These speakers will cover the first half of the event area very well without an overwhelming volume.

At the rear of the event area, you’ll see the other 2 speakers positioned there. These 2 speakers will cover the back half of the event area without an overwhelming volume.

If there were only 2 speakers in the front of the event area, the volume would have to be much louder for the people towards the back of the event area. Many times, the people in the front of the event area are getting blasted with sound. Some people enjoy high volume levels while others do not.

4 speaker surround sound system

4-Speaker Surround Sound is a great choice and provides awesome sound quality for everyone at your event or party. If your event guests are going to be spread out, you’ll really want to think of adding surround sound to your package. If you’re having a smaller event and most people will be positioned close to the inflatable screen, you really don’t need surround sound. If you enjoy high quality sound, though, and really want to WOW your guests 4-speaker surround sound is a great option.

6-Speaker Surround Sound System

Please refer to the diagram below. Now you’ll see that we’ve added another speaker to each side of the event area about midway. This adds another dimension of sound and really hits the heart of the event area.

When you step into the event area, the sound will literally make your jaw drop.

People throughout the event area will all have high quality sound and will be able to hear every second of the movie or other audio at your event with crystal clear clarity. You won’t have to worry about volume levels being too high or too low for everyone to hear.

6 speaker surround sound system

When we first tried this setup, we were amazed at the sound. If you’re looking to play music before your event, this is an absolutely great option. For your actual event, it will make the people attending amazed at the high quality sound and crystal clear sound in the event area.

7-Speaker Surround Sound System

For our final surround sound upgrade, we’re taking the sound quality to even higher level with the addition of a large subwoofer for earth shattering bass. If you want your movie event to hit those low frequency levels that shake the ground, you need to select the 7-speaker surround sound option.

If you look at the diagram below, you’ll notice that we’ve added a huge subwoofer directly in front of the inflatable screen.

7 speaker surround sound system

The sound quality for your event area has now improved to an even greater degree with this surround sound system setup. We think your jaw will drop when you hear the sound quality at every quadrant of your event area. Your guests will be so thankful for your choice to upgrade.

And please remember that every package comes with an audio mixer that allows adjustment of all frequencies. You can adjust high frequency, mid frequency, and low frequency for superb sound control.

Here at Super Size Screens, we’ve given you all the options to truly make your event unique and special to everyone who attends.