servicesWe offer what may seem like an unlimited number of services.

In other words, we offer any services that use our available equipment to help make your next event a success.

It doesn’t matter what type of event or party you want to have, we can offer our services to help make your event or party a success.

Let’s take a look at just some of the services we can provide for your next party or event.

1. Movies and Videos

– DVD Movies
– Blu Ray Movies
– Streaming Movies
– Streaming Videos
– Home Movies
– Home Videos

2. Karaoke

– CD+G Format
– Multiple Microphones
– Microphone Stands

3. Presentations and Slideshows

– Presentations
– Slideshows
– Pictures
– Images

4. Mobile Night Advertising

– Any Format Advertisement
– Automated Presentations
– Automated Slideshows
– Videos
– Movies
– Setup in Any Location

5. Day Time Billboard Advertising

– Hang Banners From Huge Screens
– Setup in Any Location

6. Gaming

– Nintendo Wii
– Microsoft Xbox 360
– Sony Playstation PS3
– Super Nintendo

7. PA System

– Speakers
– Audio Mixers
– Multiple Microphones
– Sound Control

8. Music

– MP3 Players
– Music Playlists
– Your Favorite Music

9. TV and Pay Per View

– Any TV Programming
– Pay Per View
– Movies On Demand
– Portable Satellite
– Your Receiver
– Long Runs of Coax

10. Real Time Video Feed

– Feed From Video Camera
– Playback on Huge Screens

11. Custom Built Packages

– Your Own Custom Built Package
– Build An Outdoor Movie Theater
– Build Business Setups

12. Speaker System Setup

– We Setup Everything for You
– High Quality Speakers for Large Events
– Surround Sound

13. Event Consulting Services

– Best Screen Placement
– Site Inspection
– Event Requirements
– Screen Size
– Area Size for # People
– Ideas to Make Your Event Better

14. On-Screen Advertising

– Pre-Show Advertising
– On-Screen Banners
– Sound Advertisements

15. Usage Training

– How to Use Custom System
– Screen Setup and Take Down
– Audio System Training
– Video Projector Training
– Safety Training

16. Media Development

– Custom Slideshow
– Custom Videos
– Advertisements
– Videos w/ Music

17. New Website Development

– Website for Your Business
– Website for Your Event
– Any Type of Website

18. Google Adwords Package

– Pay Per Click Advertising
– Custom Campaign Development
– Text Ads
– Image Ads

19. Tables and Chairs

– Table Rental
– Chair Rental

20. Food and Drink

– Popcorn Machine
– Snow Cone Machine
– Shaved Ice Machine
– Coolers w/ Spigots
– Coolers for Canned Drinks

21. Rental Equipment

– Rent Any Individual Equipment
– Screens
– Speakers
– Projectors
– Etc

22. Photography

– Photography from Your Event
– Pictures on USB Thumb Drive

23. Video Recording

– Videos from Your Event
– Video on USB Drive

24. Web Page Development for Your Event

– Custom Web Page for Your Event
– Attract More People to Your Event

25. Custom Event Tickets

– Tickets for Your Event
– Create Excitement for Your Event

26. Managed Event Services

– We Do It All For You
– No Setup or Take Down
– No Long or Late Hours
– We Take Care of Everything for You

27. Addition to Our Business Directory

– Incoming Link for Your Website
– Increase Visits to Your Website

28. Event Advertising

– Advertise Your Event on Huge Screens
– Day Time Banners in Strategic Locations
– Night Time Projection in Strategic Locations

Our Services Take Your Event To The Next Level

People are accustomed to the same old events and the same old things.

If you use our services, people will stop and take notice.

People will remember you, your organization, or your business. And that always leads to better times for you.

Remember, Super Size Screens comes with a promise of better times because our services always lead to better times for you…

Whether it’s now or later, better times will come.