popcorn machine rentalIf you’re having an indoor or outdoor movie, we HIGHLY recommend renting our popcorn machine. We’ll even provide the supplies for you, which includes popcorn, oil, salt, and butter for the popcorn. It tastes just like the movie theater popcorn and is just amazing.

I sometimes make the same popcorn for my husband and kids on our off nights just because they like it so much.

Providing food to the people at your event makes the event even more exciting for the people attending. Imagine a movie without popcorn! Not good, right?

The popcorn machine is also great for other events. It doesn’t have to be a movie. Popcorn works with any event.

The popcorn machines we have available are table top popcorn machines meaning you’ll need a level and stable surface to place them on for your event. We also have tables available for rent at a very low cost if needed.

You can serve hundreds of people for a very low cost. Just let us know how many people you want to serve at your event, and we’ll have all the supplies available for you. If you choose a We-Do-It-All event, we’ll help you serve the popcorn free of charge as well.

If you’d like to add a popcorn machine for your event, just let us know and we’ll make sure we reserve it for your event. Our popcorn machines are very popular so please reserve as soon as possible.

What’s It Cost To Rent A Popcorn Machine?

theater style popcornWe rent our popcorn machines for only $50, and we give very good deals on popcorn, oil, butter, and salt. If you want to add supplies, we’ll provide all of them to you at $0.50 per person. And this includes plenty of popcorn for each person. Also includes popcorn bags!

It’s very difficult to feed very many people for only $0.50 each so it’s a very good deal, and a very good idea to serve popcorn at your event.

Let us know if you want to reserve a popcorn machine, and let us know how many people you need to serve. We’ll have all the supplies ready for you. If you’re just renting the machine and don’t know how to use the popcorn machine, we’ll give you a quick training session when you pick it up from us.

A few scenarios for different event sizes:

100 People = $50 for machine + $50 for supplies
200 People = $50 for machine + $100 for supplies
300 People = $50 for machine + $150 for supplies
400 People = $50 for machine + $200 for supplies
500 People = $50 for machine + $250 for supplies
600 People = $50 for machine + $300 for supplies
700 People = $50 for machine + $350 for supplies
800 People = $50 for machine + $400 for supplies
900 People = $50 for machine + $450 for supplies
1000 People = $50 for machine + $500 for supplies

Popcorn is the perfect food to go along with any indoor or outdoor movie not just because people are accustomed to eating popcorn during movies but also because it’s very affordable to serve a large number of people.

Popcorn with butter is very filling so it should serve as a great snack for your event.