outdoor movie pool partyPool parties are an amazing way to have fun on a hot summer day and even into the night.

Pool parties can be an intimate experience with just a few people…

Or a huge event with hundreds and hundreds of people.

No matter the size of your next pool party, Super Size Screens will amaze all of the people who attend your party.

Imagine having a huge movie screen lighting up as the sun goes down with your favorite movie playing.

Imagine the look on everyone’s face as the movie begins to play. People are in awe when they see the movie playing on our huge screens.

With our high quality sound system, you can play music before the movie begins and add to the fun.

Without a doubt, your pool party will be an amazing success when you use the services available from Super Size Screens.

Have You Ever Seen This Before?

Have you ever been to a pool party on a hot summer night that had a huge movie screen with an amazing sound system?

Imagine how great that would be.

We know 2 facts to be true:

  1. People love pool parties.
  2. People love huge movie screens.

Put the two together, and you are ready for an amazing party.

All you have to do is give us a call at reserve your event date to ensure we have one of our huge movie screens available for your event time and date.

People will be amazed at your pool party. Wait and see. Everyone will thank you so much for a great time.

A Few Pool Party Ideas…

1. Play the Movie Jaws as the Sun Goes Down

Guaranteed that several people jump out of the pool because they are scared. Even grown men will jump out. It’s good for a great laugh all around the party.

Not recommended for smaller kids as they may never want to swim again.

Jaws is a classic that everyone should watch while swimming in a pool at night on a huge movie screen. Amazing experience.

2. Birthday Party Showing the Little Mermaid

Girl’s love the Little Mermaid.

If you show the movie on a huge screen for a pool party at night, it’s something your little girl will always remember.

I can guarantee it will be one of the best parties they will remember for life.

Even the boys will love the experience as well. Adults, including myself, have loved watching movies in the pool. It’s something most people have never experienced but really should.

3. Finding Nemo Party

One of my all time favorite movies is Finding Nemo. It’s one of the best movies with the brightest colors that just put you in awe.

If you use our huge screen with the movie in high definition, you will see how awesome Finding Nemo can be. Guarantee you have never seen anything like it before.

The movie theater cannot compete with Finding Nemo in HD on one of our huge screens with our amazing video projectors.

We can’t wait for you to experience this. You’ll know exactly what we’re talking about once you see the movie on one of our largest movie screens.

A Few More Ideas

Show movies like Pirates of the Caribbean, Free Willy, or Flipper.

You can show music videos from You Tube on the huge screen as the music plays through the amazing speaker system that comes with our packages.

Show a sports game on the huge screen.

You can show anything you want on the huge screen to cater to your exact event.

You can use one of our laptop computers to show pictures on the screen or an automatic slide show to people as they are swimming.

You can watch a Pay Per View boxing match or UFC fight. Order any Movies on Demand or stream a movie from Netflix. It’s your choice. Whatever you want, we can make it happen.

Just give us a call.

Pictures from a Recent Pool Party w/ Super Size Screens

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If you to throw an amazing party for both kids and adults, give us a call and schedule your next pool party with us. Check out the amazing picture on the screen in the pictures above. You’ll have a HUGE screen with a picture better than any big screen TV.

Call us at (502)396-9536 to reserve your outdoor movie pool party with us!