[two_third]If you’re choosing a Do-It-Yourself Package, you will need to pickup and return the equipment from us.

These packages are very popular because we’ve cut out many of our operating costs and passed those savings on to you.

Since you need to pickup the equipment from us and return the equipment to us, you’ll need to know where our business is located.

Here are the directions you need to find us…[/two_third]

Our Address

Super Size Screens
449 Fields Lane
Simpsonville, KY 40067


Here’s Where You Pickup and Return Your Do-It-Yourself Package

Our location is very easy to find.

We’re just a few miles off the I-64 Simpsonville, KY exit.

areas we serve throughout kentucky and indiana

If you’re driving East on I-64, you’ll take a left off the Veechdale Road / Simpsonville exit. If you’re driving West on I-64, you’ll take a right off the exit.

You’ll drive about 1 mile and take a right on US-60 / Shelbyville Road.

You’ll be heading East away from Simpsonville, KY and towards Shelbyville, KY. You’ll only need to go a few miles on this road.

At the bottom of a hill, you’ll see Fields Lane. It’s a dead end road so you’ll see a sign there once you turn onto Fields Lane.

Go about 1/2 mile back that road. You will go over railroad tracks. Once you go over the tracks, we will be the first house there on the left.

The mailbox will have the numbers 449 on them.

Drive on down towards the garage and knock on either of our doors. You can also call when you get here and we’ll meet you outside. Either way works for us so it’s up to you.

Here We Are On Google Maps…

We highly recommend the use of Google Maps for getting you to our location. We know that Google Maps has our location correct.

We cannot guarantee that other GPS systems based on something other than Google Maps will get you here. Some of them have been wrong in the past and that’s why we recommend Google Maps for directions.

View Larger Map

And here’s the link if you want to go to Google Maps and print out directions to our location:

Get Directions to Super Size Screens Using Google Maps

Be sure to print out directions in case your phone or GPS isn’t working properly.

If You Have Trouble Finding Us…

You can give us a call at any time. We’ll get you headed in the right direction.

If you have an appointment scheduled with us to pickup equipment for rental, please be on time as we usually have other customers just like you that are counting on us to be on-time to their events. We would really appreciate it.

You might want to leave a little early (just 5 to 10 minutes or so) if you have never been in this area.

Most people have no trouble finding us but some GPS systems may take you in the wrong direction. It has happened before. Even a pizza delivery went to the wrong location once and couldn’t find our home.

Call us at (502)396-9536 if you have any trouble finding our location. We’ll see you here.

Make Sure You Ask About How Much Room You Need In Your Vehicle

The amount of room you need in your vehicle depends on the package you’ve selected from us.

Before you make the trip, give us a call and we’ll tell you just how much room you need. Our largest Do-It-Yourself package requires a vehicle about the size of a Ford Escape. But you will need to lay the back seats flat and use the front seat for some of the equipment.

Many cars can fit the equipment in the trunk and the backseat combined.

Make sure your vehicle is empty before you come. I don’t recommend bringing many passengers with you as you’ll need the room for the equipment.

Please give us a call before coming and we’ll let you know if your car or truck is large enough to haul the equipment.

We have never had any issues with most vehicles being able to carry all equipment. If you add upgrades or other equipment to a typical Do-It-Yourself package, you should plan on bringing a larger vehicle. Some people are surprised at the amount of equipment. It’s not just a screen, speakers, and a projector. There are many other things included such as speaker stands, air blower, extension cords, audio cables, video cables, DVD player, audio mixer, and more!

We’ll even take a picture of the package you’re renting from us so you know how much room you’ll need. We’re always available if you have any questions.