outdoor movie setupAn outdoor movie setup is not easy… not even close. We wish it were easier, but it isn’t.

Many people call us to rent just the inflatable screen, which we do at this time. The problem with this, though, is many people do not realize the amount of other equipment needed and the effort it takes to set everything up.

To help you understand, I wanted to write this article explaining all the work and equipment needed to setup an inflatable screen package for an outdoor movie, wedding, or party of any type.

And what I’ll go over here isn’t even close to the full amount of work and effort it takes. What you’ll read about below is just some of the work you’ll have to do for an outdoor movie setup.

Problems You’ll Run Into When Setting Up for Your Event

If you have a video projector that’s fine but the video projector needs to be matched to the inflatable screen being used. For example, you’ll want a projector that can do 16:9 widescreen format if you want to take advantage of the entire screen as our screens are all in widescreen format. The video projector should should also be at least 2500 lumens for the 110-inch and 165-inch backyard inflatable screens, but not over 3500 lumens to ensure the picture is the best quality on the screen.

For the larger screens, the projector needs to be much brighter. Up to 5000 lumens works best for the 220-inch and 275-inch inflatable screens. But all of this also depends on the ambient lighting at your event location. External light sources like security lights will compete with the video projector and may over power the video projector you are planning on using.

The video projector also needs to be at the correct height and orientation so the image on the screen is centered perfectly for your outdoor movie setup. Do you have a projector table or shelf at just the right height depending on the inflatable screen you are renting or using? We have custom designed tables that are easily adjustable so the projector is perfectly placed for each inflatable screen. Every package is custom designed so everything is much easier.

If you have speakers, you’ll want to be sure you have the correct audio cables of the correct length to ensure you can reach the media player of your choice. Does the media player you are planning on using have RCA inputs? What type of inputs do your speakers have? XLR? Speakon? 1/4? Or, are you going to take outputs from an audio mixer to your speakers so you have better sound control? How far apart are you going to place the speakers? You’ll need audio cables and power cables to reach the speakers. Do you have speaker stands so your speakers are up off the ground so they don’t get wet? Speaker stands also allow you to get the sound up above the ground so the sound can be heard by your audience.

The above mentioned issues are just a few. There will be tons of issues for you to think through and lots of equipment you’ll need that you probably aren’t thinking about. Putting these packages together is not easy and never will be easy. It takes a lot of work! We’ve done hundreds of setups and have found all the shortcuts, but it still takes us some time to setup as well. And it does take a lot of effort to setup.

Another example…

Where are going to setup the screen? Will it be indoors or outdoors? Is the area flat? Will it be on grass where you’ll be able to drive ground stakes deep to secure the screen just in case high winds come? Are you sure there are no cables, pipes, sprinklers, or anything else below the ground before you drive the ground stakes? If you’re doing indoors or on concrete or pavement, how will you secure the screen so the wind doesn’t blow it into the air never to be seen again? What if the screen flies away because you didn’t secure it correctly and causing damage to property?

The issues you’ll encounter with an outdoor movie setup will surprise you. What you thought was simple will turn into a lot of work and a lot of frustration.

Do you have plenty of extension cords? Are you running the air blower and the electronics on separate circuits? Are you using the correct extension cord sizes so the equipment works correctly and you don’t have heating issues or circuit breaker issues?

What if a circuit breaker trips and causes your expensive video projector to blow? There goes hundreds or even thousands of dollars. If you don’t setup everything properly, that’s exactly what might happen. What if you put the inductive load air blower on the same circuit as the video projector without a power conditioner to filter out any electrical noise and the circuitry within the video projector can’t take it and stops working?

There are so many issues that could happen for someone who is not experienced with outdoor movie setup. I realize that many people think they can do this, and you can BUT you will run into many issues. You might get lucky and not blow any electronics, but then you might. And what are you going to do when everyone is waiting for the movie to play and you can’t get something to work properly? Cancel the event?

What If This Happens?

Let’s say you just setup everything outdoors and spent the last hour or so working hard to make sure you have everything perfect. Your outdoor movie setup is now perfect BUT…

You look up and a thunderstorm is on it’s way. It’s moving in fast and starts pouring down on all the expensive equipment you just setup. You rush as fast as you can to put everything away but just a few minutes of rain will ruin everything you have.

Do you really want to bring all of your expensive equipment outdoors and take a chance with ruining everything?

All of the equipment you’ll need can be very expensive. Even our lowest priced package will cost thousands of dollars. Our highest priced packages will cost tens of thousands in equipment. We have insurance on our equipment and have ways of keeping everything safe, and that’s why we do this. If we didn’t, I wouldn’t take a chance even when the rain chance is 0 percent.

An outdoor movie setup can be very frustrating to the beginner.

We all know how the weather works around here and no one can ever predict what it’s really going to do. Even the expert weather men and women have trouble predicting the weather with state of the art equipment.

Why All the Worries?

Why worry about all of this with an outdoor movie setup when you can simply call us to do everything for you? We’re very good at this and have this down to an exact science.

We’ll deliver all the equipment to your event location, we’ll setup everything for you, we’ll take care of all technical aspects, we’ll take everything down after the event, and we’ll take it all away for you. It’s really that simple. No worries at all for you.

We’ll make sure everything runs perfectly for your outdoor movie event while you relax and enjoy the event too. There’s no reason for you not to enjoy the event as well. You’ll get to talk with everyone and have fun while we do all the work. And it is a lot of work. For event the smallest inflatable package, it takes us about 30 to 45 minutes to setup. And it takes us about 30 to 45 minutes to take down. For the larger inflatable screen packages, it takes us up to 2 hours for multiple people during setup and take down.

The outdoor movie setup will usually take place in hot and humid weather in this area while the take down will take place in the dark. Do you have adequate lighting to help you take all the equipment down and put it away? Do you realize the screen will probably get wet and will need cleaning afterwards? Bugs will get smashed in the screen and the screen will need cleaning. What if you damage some of the equipment while trying to put it away after the event in the dark?

Again, an outdoor movie setup is not easy to do. I’m not trying to talk you out of anything but simply stating the truth. We started this business because we know how difficult this can be. We would like to do it all for you at a great price so you can enjoy the event. Why do all the work yourself when we can do it for you? Your event or party will run flawlessly when you hire us.

Give us a call today at (502)396-9536 and ask us for a custom quote. Just let us know what type of event you want to have, and we’ll send you a quote with options to your email address.

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