outdoor movie effortAs I was growing up, I remembered my parents taking us to see an outdoor movie at a drive in theater.

I’ll always remember that night.

It was something I have remembered all my life. We all love to watch movies outdoors under the stars. It’s just an amazing experience and an amazing feeling.

As I grew up, all the outdoor movie theaters went away for some reason.

I always wondered why all the drive in movies went away since it was something I always remembered.

And then I always had the urge to watch big games outside on a huge screen but I knew I didn’t want to have to pack my expensive TV outside and risk the chance of it getting damaged with bad weather.

Plus, I would have to spend several hours just moving everything out. And then hoping I didn’t drop or damage something along the way.

And then when I was finished, I would have to do it all over again.

I never tried moving a TV outside because it just seemed to risky and would take too much effort to do so. It just wasn’t worth it to me.

We Had To Study The Outdoor Movie Setup Effort

Before we decided to open this business, we thoroughly studied what it would take to open a business with huge movie screens for watching outdoor movies, sports, TV, and more.

It was a dream of mine that kept coming back to me. That outdoor movie from my younger years always stuck in my mind.

It seemed like it was something I was “supposed” to do.

So we studied what it would take.

And we found out that it would take a HUGE amount of effort to set all of the equipment up to get an event started and a HUGE amount of effort to take it all down once the event was finished.

It was something we were worried about.

And then we weren’t sure about the very late hours. It’s tough to relax and enjoy the show when you know you have a lot of work to do right after the show. Most people can’t enjoy an event when they know there’s so much work left to do.

I’ve tried it.

I was always anxious about all the upcoming work and getting everything put away at such late hours.

Here’s What A Typical Timeline Looks Like For Watching Outdoor Movies:

Let’s say you want to watch in outdoor movie in the middle of summer when all the kids are on summer vacation.

Approximate starting time even with a very expensive and bright projector is 8:30 PM.

Weather looks good but there’s still a slight chance of rain at 25%.

You start bringing everything out of your house (which requires a lot of storage space) around 6:00 PM. You get all the extension cords out of the house and to the area you need them.

You setup the tarps on the ground, get the movie screen laid out, get the speakers out, get the media cart out, find all the remote controls, get the audio mixer setup, the projector table in the right spot, and a myriad of other things.

By 7:00 PM, you have most things setup in the right place.

You check the weather radar and it looks like a storm might be developing. The chance of rain has increased to 40%. And remember, you just spent 1 hour pulling everything out of the house and setting it all up.

Plus, you haven’t ran all of the cables yet.

What do you do? Start putting everything back up or go for it? It could cost you thousands of dollars in damaged equipment. You decide to go for it.

So next you run all the cables which takes another 30 minutes. It’s now 7:30 PM. Rain outlook is still marginal.

So you continue and do audio checks. Everything is working okay even after sitting in your garage for a few months. You then inflate your movie screen and notice some spots on the screen. You deflate it, start cleaning it, and now inflate it again.

Now it’s 8 PM and you can turn on your projector so you can get it centered up on the screen and adjust it to the correct height. Now the rain outlook has turned worse. It’s now a 50% chance of rain.

But you’ve done so much work now that you’re not going to put everything away.

So you continue and everything is ready to go.

Your friends and family are ready to go as well but they are a little worried about the lightning that has started but it’s rather far away. So you start the movie.

You are 15 minutes into the movie and the rain starts.

There goes your thousand dollar projector, Blu Ray player, and expensive speaker system. If you’re lucky, your 100 dollar air blower will make it through. As your rush to put everything away, you slip and fall.

Now your back is killing you but you have to get all your expensive equipment all the way back to the garage.

By 10 PM, you are soaking wet along with all your equipment. You’ll have to let it all dry out and hope it all begins working again. And then you need to schedule a doctor’s appointment on Monday for your back which now hurts even more.

Are You Sure You Want To Go Through All Of That Hassle For Nothing?

The above scenario is a close to worst case scenario but it can easily happen in this area of the country.

We’ve seen the weather outlook change instantly. You never know what the weather is going to do.

Even if the weather is perfect, you still have a few hours after the movie in complete darkness to put everything away. It’s not fun. Add the bugs to the mix, mosquitoes biting, and the wetness on the ground and you have it a little rough.

When you fold your screen up, you fail to notice on the bugs you are smashing into the screen as you are folding and rolling.

Next time, you’ll have to scrub all the bug guts off the screen. And you’ll be lucky if they come off the screen.

In other words, taking care of everything for an outdoor movie is a huge hassle. You definitely won’t be able to enjoy the movie very much, if at all.

Once I have been through the above scenario, I began to figure out at least a few reasons why the outdoor movie theaters were no longer in business.

Here At Super Size Screens, We Have It All Down To A Science

We have perfected the setup and take down process here at Super Size Screens.

We still have trouble controlling the weather (just kidding), but we’re very good at making predictions based on the information from the weather experts.

Weather can change at an instant but you can bet we’re ready to pack it all up fast when the bad weather comes. In other words, we know what we’re doing because we’ve been through this so many times before.

By all means, you can try buying your own equipment but we’re warning you about just a few of the issues you might run into.

It’s tough just to get all of the right connectors and cables for all the equipment. Then you need to perform routine maintenance on all the equipment and store all of the equipment somewhere.

Why not just hire us and let the experts do everything for you?

It’s easy for us, and your experience will be so much more enjoyable. You won’t have to worry about anything like the scenarios above have shown. And those exact scenarios do happen.

Take it easy on yourself and let us worry about everything for you. The amount of effort it takes for an outdoor movie is huge.