275 inch movie screenHere at Super Size Screens, we have a huge selection of movie screens for you to choose from.

Our smallest movie screen has a 92″ diagonal and will fit anywhere.

A 92″ diagonal is equivalent to 7 feet 8 inches.

So the smallest screen we have is still much larger than any affordable TV you can buy today.

And renting our 92-inch screen is so much more affordable than any comparable TV on the market today. And the picture will look just as good if not better than one of those TV’s. And the 92-inch movie screen can be used outside with no fear of weather damage.

You can take a look at our smallest screen compared to a 56″ Big Screen TV:

92 inch movie screen

It’s not even close. And remember, that’s our smallest screen.

So What Other Movie Screens Do We Have Here At Super Size Screens?

Remember when we said we have a huge selection?

Here’s the list from smallest to largest:

1. 92″ Low Profile Hanging Movie Screen

2. 110″ Inflatable Movie Screen

3. 115″ Low Profile Hanging Movie Screen

4. 120″ Low Profile Standing Movie Screen

5. 132″ Low Profile Standing Movie Screen

6. 165″ Dual Inflatable Movie Screen

7. 165″ Inflatable Movie Screen

8. 165″ PRO Inflatable Movie Screen

9. 186″ Low Profile Standing Movie Screen

10. 220″ PRO Inflatable Movie Screen

11. 275″ PRO Inflatable Movie Screen

12. 413″ PRO Inflatable Movie Screen

Except for the busiest times of year, we should always have at least one of the above screens available. We do have multiples of the most popular screens.

It’s still best to reserve the screen you want most for your event as they do go very fast at certain times of the year.

Since we showed you a picture of our smallest movie screen, let’s go to the opposite end of the spectrum and show you a picture of the 275-Inch PRO Inflatable Screen:

275 inch movie screen

And yes, that is a human almost 6 feet tall standing in front of the screen. This movie screen is over 2 stories tall and is even more impressive in person.

You’re really missing something if you have never seen a Blu Ray in full 1080p on this screen or a big game in full HD on this screen. Amazing.

And yes, you can have this amazing screen at your next event for a very affordable price.

We also have an even bigger screen that dwarfs the one in the picture above!

Some Other Things You Need To Know About Our Movie Screens

Some facts about the huge screens that you need to know:

– Any of our movie screens can be used indoors or outdoors at ANY time of the year.

– Some screens are inflatable and some are not inflatable.

– We do have sound boxes for air blowers on the inflatable screens but sound isn’t too much of an issue once the speakers kick in.

– We can use generators for power if there are no power sources available.

– Some of the movie screens listed above can be used for both front projection and rear projection.

– The PRO Movie Screens shown above are very popular and always amaze everyone once they are inflated.

– Reserve the movie screen you want as soon as possible as they do go fast.

If you have any questions about our movie screens just let us know. We’re here to answer your questions at any time. Give us a call at (502)396-9536.

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