birthday party on 115-inch screenThis Fourth of July, the weather wasn’t very cooperative. It rained all day and is actually still raining the next morning. I don’t think it’s supposed to stop for several more days. We haven’t seen the sun for a while now.

But that didn’t stop us from having fun.

We did a Kid’s Birthday Party indoors with a carnival theme. Our plans were to do the party outdoors with our biggest inflatable screen. The kid’s were excited about the party so we didn’t want to cancel the party due to bad weather.

Instead of using the BIG 275-Inch PRO Inflatable Screen outdoors, we moved indoors and went with a much smaller screen but one that is much larger than any TV. At 115 inches, the screen is over 8-feet wide. So it’s pretty fun to use this screen indoors. This screen can be used anywhere as it has a very small profile. All you need are a few hooks to hang it on and you’re ready to go.

Sound for indoor movies and other events is always better because the sound has surfaces to bounce off and return. For outdoor events, sound continues to travel because the area is so wide open without walls and other objects. Low frequency sounds much better indoors, but we can still do a great job with sound outdoors by adding speakers and turning up the volume.

Since it was raining outside, we took our 115-Inch hanging movie screen and set it up indoors. We also used our 12-Inch Speaker System with 18-Inch Subwoofer to really give it amazing sound. The bass (low frequency) sounded amazing and the kids and adults really enjoyed the sound from the movie.

We also played music before and after the movie on the sound system. We simply plug our phone into the audio mixer with a special adapter cable (1/8″ to RCA inputs). From there, we select an mp3 that we’ve downloaded to our phones from Amazon’s Music Store.

We also had popcorn for the movie, funnel cakes, homemade french fries, hot dogs, corn dogs, nachos, sweet tea from McDonald’s, homemade lemonade (very good), ice water, birthday cake, ice cream, and snow cones. The food was great for a 4th of July birthday party. The kid’s loved the food, and I did too.

As you can see, we do both indoor and outdoor events.

If you don’t want bad weather to stop an outdoor movie or other event you have planned with us, just let us know and we’ll bring a backup screen or two for an indoor event. We can do smaller areas indoors, or we can do larger areas indoors. For example, some gyms can handle the big inflatable screens that we have. Indoor movies are a lot of fun too on the big screens.

People are accustomed to big screens in the 56-Inch to 65-Inch range and sometimes a little larger, but we’ve got 92-Inch, 110-Inch, 115-Inch, 120-Inch, 132-Inch, 165-Inch, 220-Inch, and 275-Inch screens available at this time. So the huge screens really make the party so much better. Kids and adults both get excited when they see the big screens!

Let’s Take a Look at Some Pictures from the Birthday Party

There were around 30 people at this party and the party was in an unfinished basement. It was a great party and the movie was especially fun. The younger kids really enjoyed making shadows on the screen.

[nggallery id=34]

The movie we watched was Rio, and it’s great to watch on a big screen due to amazing colors, animation, and great music and sound. The movie starts off with a dance / music scene by the beautiful birds and it really gets the kids excited.

The picture on the screen looks amazing, as you can see. We’re using a Blu-Ray along with one of our high definition video projectors.

Just so you can see how great the picture looks we’ve taken a video of the movie as well. See it below.

Video from the Kid’s Birthday Party with the 115-Inch Screen

Here’s the video we posted on our You Tube Channel:

If you would like to reserve this screen or would like to add it as a backup screen in case of bad weather, just let us know. Give us a call at (502)396-9536 to reserve a package with us today.