kentucky football inflatable screensKentucky football is on the rise with the hiring of new head coach Mark Stoops. With the addition of Neal Brown at offensive coordinator the offense should be lots of fun to watch. 2013 may be a tough year if the defensive minded Stoops can’t find a few play makers on defense. If Kentucky can get a little help on defense, Max Smith and the offense should be able to keep some tough games close. Or at least, let’s hope!

2014 Kentucky Football should be even better, but let’s see what’s going to happen in 2013. I’ve got confidence in the team and looking for them to get 5 wins this year. Of course, I’ll take more wins but there’s no way I’ll be disappointed with fewer wins either. I really think Coach Stoops can make it happen in the future for us. I can’t wait for the season to start, and I know you can’t either.

To make things even better, Super Size Screens is now presenting huge inflatable screens, powerful sound systems, and crystal clear video projection for every Kentucky game. Some of the games will work for watching the football games outdoors while others must be indoors. If watching outdoors, the sun must have went down in order for the video projection to be seen on screen.

Here on this page, I’m going to go over the 2013 Kentucky Football Schedule and game times as they become available so you can reserve a package from us on the day of the game or games you want to watch on the huge inflatable screens. Imagine watching a game in high definition on a huge 20 foot screen! Let me tell you, it’s amazing and fun!

Kentucky, arguably, has the toughest schedule in the nation in 2013 but let’s see what they can do. I have confidence in the Cats, and I’m sticking with Coach Stoops and giving him a chance to turn this program around. He’s done an unbelievable job so far with recruiting (with the help of all the staff and especially Vince Marrow) so he’s well on his way to making it happen.

Let’s Take a Look at the Current 2013 Kentucky Football Schedule

There’s a lot of exciting games on the schedule this year. We start it off with a HUGE game against Western Kentucky and Bobby Petrino. After Western beat us last year, we’ve got to come out and open the season with a BIG win.

Then take a look at the Louisville game. Wouldn’t it be amazing to take them down at home in Commonwealth with the Air Raid sirens going off? I think it can happen. Louisville has a great team this year but Stoops will have his troops ready to fight.

08/31/13 Western Kentucky, Nashville TN, 7:00 PM
09/07/13 Miami Ohio, Home Game, TBA
09/14/13 Louisville, Home Game, 12:00 PM
09/28/13 Florida, Home Game, TBA
10/05/13 South Carolina, Colombia SC, TBA
10/12/13 Alabama, Home Game, TBA
10/24/13 Mississippi State, Starkville MS, 7:30 PM
11/02/13 Alabama State, Home Game, TBA
11/09/13 Missouri, Home Game, TBA
11/16/13 Vanderbilt, Nashville TN, TBA
11/23/13 Georgia, Athens GA, TBA
11/30/13 Tennessee, Home Game, TBA

The SEC schedule is brutal and will be tough without overwhelming talent this year, but I’ve got faith that some guys are going to step it up and give us some close games for even the toughest opponents. I would love to see us give Alabama a good game. We’ll see.

If you’re ready to watch some big games on some really big screens, give us a call. These game dates for us fill up really fast… especially the night games.

If you want to reserve any of the game dates above without knowing the game start time, you can do so. If the game is late enough for an outdoor event, we’ll make it happen. If you want to watch it indoors on a huge screen, let us know. We’ve got all types of options available to you.

Now Let’s Take a Look at Starting Times for Outdoor Games

If you want to watch any of the games above outdoors, you’re limited by when the sun goes down. So we’re listing out each of the possible starting times for the game dates listed out in the schedule above. If you see a game time later than the times listed below, you’ll be good to go for an outdoor event! If not, you have other options we’ll go over too.

08/31/13 Civil Twilight Time = 8:41 PM, Game Time = 7:00 PM, Indoor Event or Tent Required
09/07/13 Civil Twilight Time = 8:30 PM, Game Time = TBA
09/14/13 Civil Twilight Time = 8:18 PM, Game Time = TBA
09/28/13 Civil Twilight Time = 7:56 PM, Game Time = TBA
10/05/13 Civil Twilight Time = 7:46 PM, Game Time = TBA
10/12/13 Civil Twilight Time = 7:35 PM, Game Time = TBA
10/24/13 Civil Twilight Time = 7:20 PM, Game Time = 7:30 PM, Available for Outdoor Event!
11/02/13 Civil Twilight Time = 7:10 PM, Game Time = TBA
11/09/13 Civil Twilight Time = 6:03 PM, Game Time = TBA
11/16/13 Civil Twilight Time = 5:58 PM, Game Time = TBA
11/23/13 Civil Twilight Time = 5:55 PM, Game Time = TBA
11/30/13 Civil Twilight Time = 5:53 PM, Game Time = TBA

As game times are announced by the University of Kentucky, we’ll update the information listed above. As of right now, the Mississippi State game on October 24th is available for an outdoor event because the game time is after Civil Twilight Time. This means it will be dark enough outside for the video projector to work properly. All games are available for indoor events.

If you have a huge tent available, we can usually make those work for an outdoor event during the day but there must be full light shields around the inflatable screen area.

Let This Video Help You Get Ready for the 2013 Season

A huge thanks to WilliamTitan on You Tube for the video below. If you enjoy Kentucky sports, you can subscribe to his YouTube channel here: WilliamTitan.

We can’t wait for the 2013 Kentucky Football Season. It’s coming soon. We’d love to hear from you. Choose one of our amazing packages for one of the 2013 football games.

Give us a call as soon as possible to reserve your 2013 Kentucky Football BIG SCREEN package from Super Size Screens. These reservations fill up very quickly so call as soon as you’re sure you want to reserve a package. We’ll also be doing basketball games too!

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Imagine Watching Kentucky Football Games on This Inflatable Screen

If you’re looking to throw an amazing football party, you need this huge inflatable screen. We also have smaller screens if you’re not looking to go too big.

kentucky football on inflatable screen

Kentucky football is going to get back to winning some football games. Stoops and company will turn this program around. Witness that turn around on any of our inflatable screens.

Could you imagine watching a game like this on a huge inflatable screen…

kentucky football big win

I want to see that number next to Kentucky’s name when watching football. It’s going to happen. It’s just a matter of time. Maybe Stoops can make it happen this year! You gotta believe.

See you soon at the next UK Football Party! Call us at (502)396-9536 to reserve your package for the date of your choice. Or you can make a reservation yourself online here: Make a Reservation.