The below inflatable screen size comparison will help you choose an inflatable screen that will fit your event. Remember, you can always go BIGGER for the WOW factor at your event. Even small private parties from the past have used the largest inflatable screens, and the guests were amazed. Feel free to choose whichever inflatable screen you like best.

Take a look at each of the images below, and you’ll see a human figure standing out to the side of each screen. This is an approximate outline of a human about 6-feet tall. This gives you an idea of the size of each screen. You can also see the dimensions of each screen in the images below. Simply click on the screen you are interested in for even more information.

Pictures of the Different Screens

Here’s a picture gallery of all the different screens we have available including inflatable screens and non-inflatable screens.

10-Foot Inflatable Screen

10 foot inflatable screen package pictures

15-Foot Inflatable Screen

15 foot inflatable screen packages

20-Foot Inflatable Screen

20 foot inflatable screen package pictures

25-Foot Inflatable Screen

25 foot inflatable screen package pictures

20-Foot PRO Inflatable Screen

20 foot pro inflatabe screen package pictures

25-Foot PRO Inflatable Screen

25 foot PRO inflatable screen packages

30-Foot PRO Inflatable Screen

30 foot pro inflatable screen package pictures

40-Foot PRO Inflatable Screen

40 foot pro inflatable screen package pictures

10-Foot Standing Screen

10-foot standing screen package pictures

12-Foot Standing Screen

12 foot standing screen pictures

7-Foot Hanging Screen

7 foot hanging screen package pictures

10-Foot Hanging Screen

10-foot hanging screen package pictures

If you have any further questions about which screen is right for you, simply give me (Pam) a call at (502)396-9536. I will be happy to help answer any questions you have.

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