give us details about your eventIf you provide us with details of your event

We can give you our recommendations to make your event a huge success.

Details help us to optimize the equipment we select for your event.

When you call to place your order with us, there are several details we’ll need from you.

If you can give us the details listed below, we can ensure everything is selected perfectly for your event.

Once the right package is selected for your event, we can give you an exact price for the package.

And from there, we’ll take care of everything for you.

Details Needed to Select the Right Equipment for Your Event

You may or may not know all of the details listed below. You might be in the early planning stages for your event. If so, the below details will help you plan for your next event.

  • Date of Event
  • Time of Event
  • Type of Event
  • Indoor/Outdoor
  • Number of People
  • Address of Event
  • Electricity Available?
  • Movie License Required?
  • Level Ground for Screen
  • Large Enough Area
  • Screen Size
  • Tables and Chairs Needed?
  • Food and Drink

If you need help deciding or you’re not sure what you want, we’ll help you choose the equipment you need to make your event a huge success.

That’s our expertise, and that’s why we’re always available to help.

All The Details Will Help Us Recommend the Correct Equipment

As an example, the date of your event helps us determine the best time to start your outdoor movie event if that’s the type of event you are having.

The sun sets very early in the fall and winter months and sets fairly late in the summer months. The time of sunset actually changes throughout the year by more than you might think.

For example, the sun goes down as early as 5 PM or so at times throughout the year and goes down as late as 9:30 PM at other times throughout the year.

We know these times very well and have done all the research you.

Typical weather patterns have also been researched and we monitor weather for you to ensure everything will go smoothly for your event.

Rain and high winds can definitely cause issues but we always have backup plans if needed. We can help you make a backup plan if weather concerns you for any type of outdoor event you are planning.

We Like to Do a Scout of the Area Before Each Event

If we do not know the area for your event, we like to come out and take a look to ensure everything we have planned will work for your event.

If we find any issues, we plan ahead so everything is perfect for your event.

Many competitors will simply show up on the day of the event, might be a little late, might show up really late, and then be unprepared for any obstacles that arise. We’ve seen it happen with so many other people who plan events.

You have no worries with Super Size Screens.

We make sure 100% that we are ready for your event. We are always early. We are always prepared. We are simply the best there is at what we do. Hire us for your event and we’ll show you.

The scouting that we do for your event is a service we include in the price of our packages.

If we’ve been to your place before and you want to keep everything the same, a scout isn’t required. We sometimes like to make sure things haven’t changed, though, just in case. So under most circumstances, we always like to scout the location of the event for any possible issues.

As another example…

Sometimes for outdoor movies, there can be some sources of light that many people never notice until they are trying to show a movie. A street light, an outdoor security light over a garage, or other sources of light can cause issues if they are close to the movie screen.

We take care of any issues for you to make sure there’s nothing that will cause problems.

No One Prepares Like We Do Because We Know How Important Your Event Is To You

We have a list of possible issues that we check for as we prepare for each event. You can bet that no one out there prepares for your event as we do here at Super Size Screens.

We understand that your event is very, very important to you and your guests.

We always like to put ourselves in your shoes as we prepare for your event. If you’re busy with other things, we’ll help you out wherever we can so your event is a huge success.

We’ve had bad service before and we know how it feels.

We’ve hired many people before to perform services for us. From table and chair rental, to tent rental, to contractors for home repair… we’ve seen it all and experienced bad service.

It’s actually very tough to find someone who does a good job in today’s world.

Services from Super Size Screens come “With a Promise of Better Times.” You can bet that you’ll be happy with our services.

Just give us the details about the event you are planning and we’ll put together a service package for you that will ensure the success of your event. Call us now to reserve your date on our calendar.