Below, you will find a picture gallery showing all of our inflatable screen (12 Total!) packages used for outdoor movies and other events. If you have any questions about any of these packages or would like to reserve a package for an outdoor movie, outdoor movie series, or other event please call me (Pam) at (502)396-9536 and I’ll get you setup.

10-Foot Inflatable Screen

10 foot inflatable screen package pictures

15-Foot Inflatable Screen

15 foot inflatable screen packages

20-Foot Inflatable Screen

20 foot inflatable screen package pictures

25-Foot Inflatable Screen

25 foot inflatable screen package pictures

20-Foot PRO Inflatable Screen

20 foot pro inflatabe screen package pictures

25-Foot PRO Inflatable Screen

25 foot PRO inflatable screen packages

30-Foot PRO Inflatable Screen

30 foot pro inflatable screen package pictures

40-Foot PRO Inflatable Screen

40 foot pro inflatable screen package pictures

10-Foot Standing Screen

10-foot standing screen package pictures

12-Foot Standing Screen

12 foot standing screen pictures

7-Foot Hanging Screen

7 foot hanging screen package pictures

10-Foot Hanging Screen

10-foot hanging screen package pictures

Videos from Past Outdoor Movie Events

Here’s a video of the 25-Foot PRO Inflatable Screen at a local college:

Here’s Finding Nemo on the 10-Foot Inflatable Screen:

Here’s an Outdoor Movie on the 30-Foot PRO Inflatable Screen with a Surround Sound Package:

Here’s a Private Rear Projection Outdoor Movie directly pool-side in Nicholasville, KY.

Here’s Our 20-Foot PRO Inflatable Screen being setup:

Here’s the 15-Foot Inflatable Screen with the Movie Brave:

Here’s kids playing in the basement with the 10-Foot Hanging Screen:

Here’s a good video showing how amazing the on-screen picture looks with our equipment:

If you want to watch a TV event outdoors, we can do that too:

Here’s a video of a smaller screen being used outdoors by the pool for an earlier start time. Smaller screens allow us to start the movies earlier. Ask if interested.

Here are Some Pictures from Outdoor Movie and Indoor Movie Events

Super Size Screens Outdoor Movies 2016

RESERVE NOW by Calling (502)396-9536

If you have any questions about our inflatable screen packages or you’re ready to make a reservation, give me (Pam) a call at (502)396-9536. I am more than happy to answer any questions you might have.

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