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Types of Packages Available to Rent from Super Size Screens

We have 3 types of packages available for rent. We’ve made a package type that fits perfectly for each and every person. Whether it’s a small backyard party or a huge corporate event, we have what you need to create an amazing event and a wonderful experience for everyone who attends. Below, you will find a detailed explanation of each package type and what it includes so you can make the best choice for your event.

  • Do-It-Yourself Packages
  • We-Do-It-All Packages
  • Drop-Off-Pick-Up Packages
You pickup the equipment from us, setup equipment on your own, run your event, take down all equipment, and bring back to us the next day. We give you a detailed instruction manual and a quick training session when you come to pickup equipment. We provide technical assistance over the phone if needed. The instructions make everything simple and easy for you.

We provide all the equipment you will need for your event and depends on the type of package you have selected such as our Indoor and Outdoor Movie Packages, Presentation and Slideshow Packages, Video Game Packages, and more. Most package types include the movie screen, video projector, speaker system, audio mixer, and much more. Our packages are complete and include high quality equipment that will provide your event attendees with an amazing experience.

You will need to schedule a pickup time with us so we can have your equipment ready. Give Pam a call at (502)396-9536 to schedule your pickup time. Our address to pickup your equipment:

Super Size Screens
449 Fields Lane
Simpsonville, KY 40067

The responsibility of the equipment is yours once you have picked up. Please treat the equipment as it were your own. Any damages will be your responsibility. The equipment is very expensive so damages can be costly. Please be very careful with the equipment.

Most of the equipment will be in containers. Depending on the size of the package and the weather, you will need a vehicle to properly transport the equipment from our location to your location. Most SUV’s can easily carry the equipment safely inside. Pickup trucks will also have no problems but rain can cause damage to equipment. If you are bringing a pickup truck, please be sure to have something to safely cover in case of rain.

Some cars will also work. You will need the trunk and the backseat at a minimum. It’s best to have zero passengers with you when picking up in case you need the extra room.

Safety of the equipment, yourself, and any passengers is your responsibility. Be careful and always be safe when driving and transporting equipment. Any damage is your responsibility.

Setup time will take you at least an hour and multiple helpers are needed. 2 people are good. 3 people is even better. Someone with a little technical expertise in audio/video equipment will make setup even faster for you.

Monitor radars during your event for bad weather. If there’s a chance of rain, high wind, snow, or other bad weather, start taking the equipment down immediately and get to a safe location. Make sure your guests find shelter as well. Remember, any damages to equipment are your responsibility. If your event is indoors, you don’t have to worry about bad weather. You should always have a backup indoor location in the case of bad weather.

Taking everything down and packing up will also take at least an hour. If you are having an outdoor event, make sure you have light sources available such as powerful flashlights or vehicle headlights. The more light you have the better.

Please pack everything carefully and place in the correct containers.

Be very careful with all equipment and closely follow instructions in the manual. If you closely follow, setup and take down will go much faster and you will not run into any issues. If you do have any questions or issues, please give Pam a call at (502)396-9536.

With the Do-It-Yourself Package, we have passed savings on to you by cutting out operating costs with delivery, labor, setup time, take down time, gas costs, vehicle wear and tear, etc. Yes, this package requires work on your part but saves you money.

If you would like us to do everything for you at no risk to you and no-worry to you, please choose the We-Do-It-All package or even the Drop-Off-Pick-Up package for less risk and less worry.

As the name of this package indicates, we will do everything for you. That includes delivery of the equipment to your location, setup of the equipment, management of the event, take down after the event, and removal of the equipment from your location.

We will arrive early to your event and start setting everything up as soon as we get there. We need you to be there when we arrive or at least let us know where you want the setup area to be located. If you are not there when we arrive, we will first give you a call to see where you would like us to setup. Any delays in the start of your event will be your responsibility if you are not at the site for setup. If you would like equipment moved after setup, there will be additional charges for moving equipment and of course there may be a delay in the start time of your event.

We stay on site during the actual event and take care of any technical issues quickly and easily. We will start the event at your start time. If outdoors, we may delay at your discretion depending on the quality of the picture on the screen as we wait for the sun to go down.

We will monitor weather during your event. Safety is always first during an event so we reserve the right to cancel or delay due to bad weather conditions.

After the event, we will take about an hour to remove all equipment and leave the event location. Depending on the size of your event and the amount of equipment you have rented from us, the time may be more or less than 1 hour. We’ll be able to give you a much better estimate when you place your order.

We will arrive early to your event, setup all equipment for you, give you a quick training session on how to control the equipment you have rented from us, and leave. You will then take over and manage the event from there. We are available by phone for any technical assistance you might need.

When you are finished using the equipment, give us a call and we will come pickup all equipment from you. You can use the equipment for up to a 24-hour period. If you are having an outdoor event, you will be responsible for monitoring the weather and packing up equipment if bad weather conditions exist. You are responsible for all equipment once we leave the site of your event and up until we leave the site with equipment. Please protect the equipment from bad weather. Also, you will need to keep all event guests away from the equipment for safety reasons for both your guests and the equipment.

We will ask you to setup a pickup time with us so that we can arrive on time to remove all equipment for you. If you aren’t sure when you will be finished, you can give us a call but allow travel time for us to arrive. Remember that you are responsible for equipment until we arrive so please allow us travel time. Once we arrive to pickup, please give us an hour or so to remove all equipment from your event location.

[accordion_toggle title=”What Do I Do After I Fill Out The Order Form?”]
Check your email to ensure you received an email from me pam[at] with next steps. If you did not receive an email at the address you specified on the form, that means we did not receive your order request. Check your spam, junk, and/or trash folders to ensure the email wasn’t accidentally put there by your email system.

  1. I will send you an email immediately after you submit your order. This lets you know that I received your order request.
  2. I will look at your order details, check my calendar and inventory for your event date, put together your final quote including sales tax, and give you a call at the phone number you provided to confirm all your event details.
  3. On the phone call, you will confirm that I have all your event details correct. Once we agree that everything is correct on the phone, I will send you an email with the final quote. Inside that email you will find instructions on how to make the 50% deposit payment to reserve your date on my calendar. This gives you rights to the equipment and our time on that date.
  4. The date will not be reserved on our calendar until the 50% deposit is received. We reserve equipment and dates on a first come first serve basis depending on the date and time the 50% deposit is received.

If you have any issues or questions along the way, I am always available at (502)396-9536. Give me a call. I am happy to answer any questions you might have.
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The best time to start an outdoor event is after sunset. This time is called the end of civil twilight. Even the most powerful video projectors on Earth cannot come remotely close to competing with the sun. The sun is insanely powerful when it comes to light output so outdoor events must start at the end of civil twilight time for the best on-screen picture. You can find the best starting time to match your event date here: Recommended Start Time for Outdoor Events.
[accordion_toggle title=”Is There A Way To Start An Outdoor Event Earlier?”]
There are a few things that can be done in order to start an event earlier than the recommended start time which occurs at the end of civil twilight.

  1. Position the movie screen to face East while the sun sets in the West. This prevents direct sunlight from hitting the surface of the screen. Our movie screen surfaces are highly reflective for better on-screen pictures and facing the screen away from the sun as it goes down will help you start the movie a little sooner (about 15 minutes earlier) if it’s important for your event.
  2. Place the movie screen in a shaded area. The area needs to block direct sunlight. If you have an area at your event that can help block direct sunlight, this can really help start your movie sooner. Just remember that the sun is very powerful. The best picture on the screen will always be after the sun goes down completely.
  3. Use front projection versus rear projection as picture brightness on the screen is less with rear projection. Rear projection is good for placing all equipment behind the screen and leaves more room for visitors in front of the screen but the light output on screen is slightly decreased. If starting your event early is important for your event, go with front projection to give you the edge.

If you need to start an event even earlier in the day, large outdoor tents can be used or you might even think about moving your event indoors. Gyms, auditoriums, theaters, or any rooms with high ceilings can work great for large events. Some of our screens will even fit inside with 8 foot ceilings. Just let us know what you need, and we’ll make sure it happens for you.
[accordion_toggle title=”What About Bad Weather For Outdoor Events?”]
We monitor weather conditions for you from a few days before your event all the way until the very end of your event. We’re very good at monitoring the weather and will let you know what the experts are saying. As you know, though, weather is very unpredictable and impossible to predict even for the experts, especially for an exact location. We’ve seen rain pass all around us and not rain one drop on an event before.

If bad weather conditions are a possibility for your event date and time, we will contact you and allow you to make a decision before we leave for your event or before your pickup time with us. Once we leave for an event, a travel fee will be charged if the event must be cancelled after we leave. If equipment is setup and the event must be cancelled, we consider the event to be final but we may provide some money back depending on the length of the event. We must do it this way as we must pay employees and cannot accept losses or we will not be in business very long. We are always fair and will always treat you as we would like to be treated.

You may cancel your event at any time before we leave or before your pickup time due to bad weather conditions. You may re-schedule your event to any available date. Just let us know what date you would like to have and we will check our calendar and re-schedule for you at no charge. Our bad weather guarantee allows you to re-schedule to any other available date at no charge.
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Fear not, if this page does not answer your questions… just give us a call, email us, or use our contact form here on the website.

We’ll get back to you as soon as possible, which is usually rather fast by any standards.

So let’s get straight to answering your questions:

What Exactly Is Super Size Screens?

We provide services that include huge movie screens along with awesome video projector systems, amazing sound systems, and various types of media equipment for any type of event or party you can imagine.

Do You Do Indoor Or Outdoor Events?

We do both indoor and outdoor events. We have huge screens that fit in small places and screens that fill huge places. We’ll put our equipment anywhere you choose as long as it’s safe.

What Time Can We Start Our Outdoor Event On The Big Screen?

If you’re having an outdoor event, the starting time will all depend on the time of year. In the Winter months, some events can start outdoor as early as 5:30 PM. In the Summer months, it may be as late as 9:30 PM. We setup early and you’ll be able to see the picture on the screen. Once you’re ready to start and you believe the picture to be bright enough on the screen, you can start your event.

What About Weather For Our Outdoor Event?

If you’re having an outdoor event, bad weather is always a risk to your event and our business. We closely monitor weather for your event starting 24 hours before your event starting time. We’ll let you know if your event may be at risk. We do all that we can to keep your event going but sometimes God has other plans for that day.

Does God Really Exist?

YES! We can say with 100% certainty that God does exist. We highly recommend you take a look around and realize that God created and designed everything you see. Even man-made structures and inventions were made possible through materials God gave to us.

See His greatness. It’s everywhere. Look at the birds, the sea, the sky, the clouds, the lightning, beautiful rainbows, the powerful sun, and even one-of-a-kind snow flakes. Only an intelligent power from the heavens could design things so great. And His greatest creation is you because you’re human and you are made in His image. Even science will admit that something eternal is out there and has been forever. It’s God. Nothing man made can even come remotely close to God’s creations. And that’s why there is a God.

God sent his son to suffer for us and to die for us because he loves all of us. Imagine how painful it would be to watch your son/daughter die when you have the power to stop it all with just a single word. You can have eternal life through Jesus. Find him and you will find happiness forever. Much more happiness than any Super Size Screen could provide for just a few hours.

If you have any questions about God or Jesus, just let us know. We don’t know everything, but we’ll do our best to lead you in the right direction. We can see what He has done in our life and we are so thankful for everything He has given us, especially our children. Open your eyes and see the everlasting joy, extreme calmness, and the beautiful peace of Jesus Christ.

All you have to do is believe and ask God to show you. You might not get your answer immediately because God works on His time. But continue seeking him, and you will find. You might not be able to see God right now, but you will. God will answer because He loves you. He sent His only son to die for YOU. That, my friend, is love. True love.

Can We Cancel Our Event And Get A Refund?

Yes, you can cancel your event 30 days prior to the event and receive a full refund. If you need to cancel within 30 days of your event, we will apply your 50% deposit to any available date within approximately 1-year of your current event date.

How Much Do You Charge For Delivery?

Delivery is included in all of our managed event packages and any of our setup and take down included packages. Our Do-It-Yourself packages do not include delivery and assume that you will be picking up the equipment from us.

Delivery can get very expensive due to the cost of fuel and that’s why we have to limit our coverage area. If you live outside the coverage area and do not mind paying the extra delivery cost, we will do the event for you.

What Goes Into The Cost Of Delivery?

Fuel, vehicle wear and tear, oil changes, depreciation in value of vehicle, insurance, license and registration, maintenance, labor for time spent during delivery, etc. All of the different costs we just listed are the reasons why we cannot do free delivery but we will do our best to keep the delivery cost as low as possible. We hope you understand.

How Far Will You Deliver?

If the event is going to be managed by us, we will deliver up to 60 miles from Simpsonville, KY. We’ll go up to 60 miles because a managed event requires a trip to your event and a trip back from your event. We only go up to 30 miles away for setup and take down included packages because we have to take a trip there and a trip back to deliver your equipment and then a trip there and trip back to get the equipment back from you. If you are willing to pay the additional delivery charges, we will go further distances than 60 miles. We have to charge extra for further distances because we cannot afford to take losses. Again, we hope you understand.

How Long Does It Take To Setup Everything and Take It All Down?

Some of our packages can take up to two and a half hours to setup and another two and a half hours to take it all down. This would include our largest screen and our huge surround sound package. Even the smallest packages can take an hour or so to setup and another hour or so to take down. And that doesn’t include the cleaning and maintenance of all the equipment. It’s very time consuming and involves hard work. Our largest screen is very heavy and takes 2 very strong and experienced people to roll it up and move it around. Our largest speaker system weighs around 250 pounds but it sure does sound amazing.

Can’t I Just Purchase All Of This Equipment And Do It Myself?

If you were thinking of buying your own equipment, remember that it is very expensive but it’s also very time consuming to setup, take down, clean, store, and maintain. It’s also very difficult to get all the right equipment, cables, cords, and other equipment. And very difficult to learn how to do everything on your own. We do offer our consulting services if you want to design and purchase your own package. Just remember, we’ve been setting these packages up for some time now and it does take hard work, time, and effort.

As an example, if you do an outdoor movie at night you will have bugs all over the screen as you are taking it down. It’s impossible to prevent. As you roll it up the bugs get smashed and you have to take the screen outside the next day (assuming the weather is good) and hand scrub the screen. If you enjoy scrubbing bug guts off your screen the day after every event, then go for it. That’s just one example of the work it takes for these packages.

If you do want to buy your own equipment, even the cheapest of packages will be several hundred dollars. Our smallest package would be over $1000. If you’re interested in having your own setup and don’t care about the time and effort it takes, you can choose our consulting service to help you put together a package that will fit your needs. We can put everything together for you.