Below, you will find a list of frequently asked questions. We’ve tried to cover every topic we can think of and especially the questions that come up with most of our customers. If you don’t see the answer to your questions or would rather not read all of the below, you can give us a call any time at (502)396-9536. We’ll be glad to answer any questions you might have.

Why does a We Do It All Package cost more than a Do It Yourself Package?

With a We Do It All Package, we pack everything up into our trailer (depending on the package you ordered). We drive to your location. We unpack all the equipment from our trailer to the location you want at your event. We set everything up for you. We stay at your event and run the event for you. When you’re finished, we pack everything up. We load it in the trailer, and we drive back to our location. All of that takes time, work, expenses, gas money, vehicle mileage, trailer mileage, planning, and more. This is why a We Do It All Package costs more and includes a travel fee because different locations cost more or less depending on the distance from our location. For example, a movie in Florida will cost more than one in Kentucky because we’re located in Kentucky.

A Do It Yourself Package costs much less because you drive to our location, you set everything up at your location, you pack everything up when you’re finished, and you bring all the equipment back to us. This greatly reduces the time for us because we aren’t driving and spending hours unpacking, packing, and staying at your event. This cuts the labor costs, gas costs, vehicle costs, planning costs, sitting in traffic costs, and more.

What time can I start an outdoor event?

If you’re event is outdoors, the all powerful sun is the deciding factor on when your event can begin. We are always setup and ready to go early so you’ll be able to see the image on the screen. When you like the quality of the image on the screen, we can begin. The exact start time is up to you. If you would like us to decide, we always use civil twilight time as the starting time for outdoor events. You can find a calendar with typical starting times for each day of the year here on our website: Start Time for Outdoor Events.

If you would like to start an event as early as possible, choose a screen position in which the sun is setting behind the screen. Shade from building, trees, and other structures will also help. If available, we may be able to include a higher powered projector for even lower cost packages as we have in the past. If you advertise a really early start time for your event, people may get restless (children especially) waiting for the event to start. The good thing is the image can be seen on the screen so you’ll know when it’s time to get started.

What equipment is included with each package?

Every package includes absolutely everything you need except the actual media (movies, presentations, slideshows, pictures) for your event. Here’s a list of equipment provided with each one of our packages. Many people do not realize the amount of equipment required for an outdoor movie event, so we include everything you need. You won’t have to worry about forgetting anything. We’ve got you covered.

(1) Inflatable Screen, (2) Air Blower(s), (3) Screen Tarp, (4)Tarp Stakes, (5) Rubber Mallet, (6) Extension Cord for Air Blower, (7) Screen Tie-Down Straps, (8) Large Screen Stakes, (9) Projector Centering Stakes, (10) Media Center Box, (11) Audio Mixer, (12) Media Player, (13) Multi-Outlet Power Conditioner, (14) Microphone, (15) All Audio Cables, (16) Video Projector, (17) All Video Cables, (18) Extension Cord to Media Center, (19) All Power Cables, (20) Phone / Ipad / Tablet Adapter Cable, (21) All Remote Controls, (22) Batteries, (23) Video Projector Shims, (24) Speakers, (25) Adjustable Speaker Stands, (26) Extension Cords to Speakers, (27) Cart / Dolly for Inflatable Screen (We Do It All Packages), (28) Enclosed Trailer for Equipment (We Do It All Packages), (29) Camera for Pictures

All of the equipment included with each package is top-notch and high quality. None of the equipment we use is cheap or low quality. We guarantee your event experience will be the best with Super Size Screens. The sound and picture you get from us will amaze you.

What services are included with each package?

To provide you with as much value as possible with each of our packages, we provide many different services that are included with each package. If you need anything else from us, just ask and we’ll help you.

(1) Event Planning Assistance, (2) Delivery to Your Event Location (We Do It All), (3) On-Time Guarantee, (4) Setup at Your Event (We Do It All), (5) Pre-Show Music, (6) Pre-Show Announcements, (7) Pre-Show Advertisements / Other Media (You Provide & We Play), (8) On-Site Technical Expert(s) During Event (We Do It All), (9) Take Down at Your Event (We Do It All), (10) Take Equipment Away from Your Event Location (We Do It All), (11) Public Performance License Assistance, (12) Pictures from Your Event (We Do It All), (13) Event Page on Our Website (If Requested This is Free to You), (14) 24/7 Phone Support.

The number of extra services we provide will give you amazing value with each of our packages. We treat each and every event as if it were our own and provide only the highest quality equipment so you and everyone who attends gets the best possible experience. If you need help with anything related to your event, just let us know.

What’s not included with each package?

We cannot legally provide movies, music, or any other copyrighted material. Obtaining media (movies especially) is your responsibility so please be careful in your choice and let us know if there might be any compatibility issues. We use commercially available DVD / Blu-Ray players so the vast majority of commercially available DVD’s and Blu-Ray’s should work with our equipment. If there are any issues with the media such as scratches, a damaged disc, or compatibility issues, please realize that we cannot be responsible for the media. Yes, we’ve had disc issues before but that’s only been a couple through hundreds of events and that only caused a very short delay. Please ensure there are no issues with the media before the event. We can ensure compatibility a week before your event if you mail the media to us at 500 Hidden Creek Trail Simpsonville, KY 40067. There is a $50 service fee for checking compatibility with our equipment. This will ensure your event is successful without any issues. If you’re willing to take a chance with the media for your event, that is fine too. If any issues arise, we will work very hard to resolve those immediately.

We also require at least 2 electrical outlets provided at your event location (possibly more depending on all options you have chosen). Each electrical outlet requires a completely different circuit to power our equipment. If you will not have electrical outlets available within 100 feet of the event location, we do provide generators at our normal rental price. Please let us know if this needs to be included in your custom quote. Some events we have done have required up to 5 different electrical outlets on separate circuits (2 air blowers, media center, 7-speaker surround sound, popcorn machine, etc).

Can I make changes to the package once you arrive on-site?

Sometimes you might want to change specific details of your package once we arrive on-site. For example, you might say that you would like to use your video projector so you can save a few dollars on the package. Or maybe you want to use your generator instead of paying for the generator we have brought with us for your event.

We have highly prepared for your event. Our work does not start once we arrive for your event. We begin working and preparing for your event many days before we arrive in person. So we do not allow changes in the package once we arrive on-site for many different reasons. We have a plan for your event and have carefully prepared. If we have customers that are indecisive, this can create many problems for your event. Once you start changing things when we get there, we will have trouble getting the event started on time and might have technical difficulties with the equipment you would like us to use.

All of our equipment is matched perfectly to our inflatable screens so we MUST use our equipment. We do not add any of your equipment to the packages as we are not experts with your equipment. We ARE experts with our equipment. We do not want to damage your equipment either, and we want YOUR event to be a huge success. So please understand why we have this policy.

Please be prepared for your event as we are preparing based on input from you. We will need to know about your event area, exact location, power outlet distance, and more. If you provide us with the correct information, everything will flow very smoothly. If you leave out small details, these small details could be show stoppers. So please provide us with all details and accurate answers to all questions we ask. If there’s anything we should know before hand, please let us know. We simply want your event to be perfect for you and everyone who attends.

Can you provide a generator or two?

Yes, we provide inverter generators for all electronics and a normal generator if multiple air blowers are required for your event. We only use generators if you do not have electrical outlets on site. We typically do not allow our customers to provide their own generators due to the expensive electronics equipment included with each package (unless you have inverter generators). The power must be very clean and reliable. Power cannot be lost during the event as it can and will damage expensive equipment. For example, a sudden loss of power can easily blow the video projector bulb which can cost thousands of dollars. For this reason, we provide clean power generators that are very reliable. If your generator is used and an issue occurs, we are not responsible for those issues. For example, a blown projector bulb can cost thousands of dollars.

Since we provide generators for your event, you won’t be held responsible for any damage to our equipment due to the use of your generator. It’s very easy for us, and easy for you just to have us take care of everything. So please let us know early in the event planning stage if you will need a generator so we can plan accordingly and have a generator ready for your event. This service also includes gas to power the generator and monitoring to ensure the generator runs smoothly and continuously throughout the event. We constantly monitor and refill the generators with gas throughout your event. This will be your responsibility if you choose a Do It Yourself package with a generator or two.

What if my movie requires a passcode?

Some licensed movies that have not yet been released (Yes, you can get movies that have not yet been released on DVD) may require a passcode to be entered before the movie will continue. The responsibility for providing us this passcode is yours. If you lose the passcode or cannot find the passcode, we will not be able to continue the movie until it is found. We will wait as long as needed until you find the passcode but please be warned that your audience will not be happy and there may be a fee to cover the extra labor hours for our employees. Please have the passcode ready to give us once we arrive at your event. We will do a quick check before the event starts to ensure we have the correct passcode. Yes, this has happened before and the crowd wasn’t very happy (College Campus with Students).

What makes the on-screen picture so much better with your inflatable screens?

Every one of our inflatable screens has a higher than normal gain which means a brighter and more vibrant on-screen picture. The surface we use for video projection is much different than typical outdoor inflatable screens and even expensive indoor screens so you will see a much better picture on our inflatable screens. We are capable of projecting high definition Blu-Ray movies or other high definition media onto the high gain surface. The result is an absolutely amazing picture that is better than indoor movie theaters. You’ll see. You will love our inflatable screens. We constantly receive compliments about the on-screen picture.

We also use high-powered video projectors that are fit perfectly to each screen. Too little power will produce a less than stellar on-screen picture. And too much power can lead to a less than stellar on-screen picture as well. We’ve matched the projectors to each screen so you get the best possible picture throughout your event. Our business is focused on inflatable screens and projection onto those screens so we research and focus our efforts on giving you the best possible experience possible. You won’t find that with anyone else.

Can you do both front projection and rear projection?

Most screens we have are capable of both front projection and rear projection. The inflatable screens provided with the PRO Packages will do both front projection and rear projection at full size. The inflatable screens provided with the Intimate Venue Packages can do rear projection but at a reduced size due to the mattress style frame on the screen. All of our projectors are capable of doing both front projection and rear projection. Please keep in mind that we HIGHLY recommend front projection as some power is lost when projecting through the screen surface for rear projection. Rear projection is only recommended if it’s the only option available (such as next to a pool where a projector can’t be placed in the pool).

What are the advantages of front projection?

Front projection provides you with a brighter and more vibrant image on the screen. If you have the space in front of the screen to place the video projector, we highly recommend front projection as the image looks much better.

What are the advantages of rear projection?

Rear projection moves all of the media equipment from the area in front of the screen to the area behind the screen. This is very helpful in certain situations. For example: if you are having a pool party and would like the screen up to the edge of the pool, placing all the media equipment behind the screen would you to safely produce the setup you would like. Without rear projection, placement of the inflatable screen to the edge of the pool would not be possible. Rear projection also gives you more space in front of the screen. If you are in a cramped space or having a huge event with maximum capacity, you might want to choose rear projection.

How can I get the best on-screen picture?

In order to get the best on-screen picture, all external sources of light must be removed from the event area. If there are outdoor lights in your event area that you can’t or don’t want to turn off, the quality of the image on the screen will suffer. Our video projectors can deal with external light sources but please realize that the quality of the image on the screen will not be as good. If you tell us about the light sources before we quote your package, we can include a more powerful projector to combat those external light sources. Yes, even smaller light sources make a difference when it’s dark at night. Some security lights are very bright and project a source of light onto the screen.

Sometimes just a little planning before hand can allow you to flip a breaker in your electrical panel to turn off the outside security lights or other lights around your event area. Another flip of a switch after the event will allow you to turn the lights back on. Just a small light source can degrade the image on the screen. It’s your choice whether or not to remove light sources during the event. We want you to have the best possible experience so we wanted to alert you to these facts.

For example, leaving all of the spot lights on for a pool party leaves the video projector competing with several high-powered spot lights and all of the light that is being reflected from the water onto the inflatable screen surface. Even the highest powered video projectors will have trouble competing with spot lights. Turning most of the lights off will greatly improve the on-screen picture.

If you alert us of any light sources before we setup, we might be able to position the screen so those light sources make a much smaller impact. We usually setup before it is dark, so it’s difficult for us to know where the light sources are coming from before we setup.

Should I have some lighting for my outdoor event?

You should always provide some lighting for your event attendees once the event is over so people can gather their belongings and easily find their way out of the event area. We do not require any external lights as we carry lighting gear with us to help us take down all equipment. We do appreciate the lighting if available as it makes our job easier but we do not require any lighting. Most people now have phones with flashlights which really helps people to find their way. I would guess that someone misplaces their phone at around 10% of the large events we have done outside at night. So lighting will really help.

How many total power outlets will be required?

Each package may require a different number of electrical outlets. No matter what, though, at least 2 electrical outlets on different circuits will be required. We will give you the # of electrical outlets that are required for the package and options you choose. We may require access to your electrical panel, but please ensure there is nothing else plugged into the circuits we will be using during your event.

For example, we must have dedicated circuits to our equipment as the equipment will use most of the capacity of each circuit. If there is something else consuming power on those circuits, we could run into a tripped breaker scenario which could deflate the screen in the middle of the movie. Not good. It is your responsibility to ensure there is nothing else being used on those circuits. We can help explain anything if needed as we have an Electrical Engineer with electrical wiring experience on our staff. We would be glad to help explain as we want your event to be successful.

Please ensure that each outlet you provide to us is wired to a different circuit breaker in your electrical panel. Why is this so important? Air blowers are inductive loads meaning they can cause a lot of electrical noise which can feed back into more sensitive electronics equipment such as the very expensive video projector. It’s much more difficult for that electrical noise to get to the sensitive electronics equipment when they are on different circuit breakers. And air blowers use most of the capacity of a 15 amp or even 20 amp circuit. Air blowers have a very high in-rush current at startup and sometimes a breaker may trip if there’s anything else being ran on the circuit at that time. Sudden loss of power can also cause issues with sensitive electronics equipment.

Clean power at your event with no other loads or equipment connected to the same circuits is VERY important.

What upgrades can be added to my package?

We have several different upgrades that can be added depending on the package you have chosen. Smaller packages include standard definition and standard powered speakers but upgrades to high definition equipment and high powered sound is available if you are interested. PRO packages include high definition and high powered sound.

We do have surround sound packages available as upgrades for every package. Each package includes 2 speakers that are placed at the front of the event area. You can choose 4-speaker surround sound or 6-speaker surround sound. You also have the option to add a huge 18-inch subwoofer to any speaker configuration for ground shaking bass. Please check for availability as surround sound is very popular.

You have the option to add concessions equipment to your event. For example, we will supply a popcorn machine with popcorn bags, popcorn, seasoning salt, and butter for a small fee per person plus the rental cost of the machine. We can also add an attendant for any concessions equipment for a small fee. We keep all of this very affordable and at low rates since we will already be coming to your event location.

You receive great value with any of our upgrades. For example, you can get a $1500 speaker system upgrade for a very small fee. Once you hear the sound from our speakers, you’ll notice the amazing quality of sound coming from them.

Why is Do It Yourself not available for the PRO Inflatable Screens?

The PRO Inflatable Screens are HUGE. They are very difficult to setup and roll out properly. They are even more difficult to deflate and roll up properly. We have tons of experience doing this so it’s now easy for us. When we first started this business, we had lots of trouble getting this right. Large dollies / carts are required to move these around easily as well. We simply cannot provide dollies for every event either as the large dollies are around $1000 each. We can come set these screens up for a Do It Yourself event and then leave and come back later to take them down. A travel fee there and back will be required for us to do this, though. Depending on your situation, you may choose this option. Please call us if interested as this is not an advertised option anywhere else on this site.

Who delivers everything for my event?

Unless you choose a Do It Yourself package, our team will deliver all equipment to your event location. Please ensure you provide us with the correct address and a mobile phone # that we can reach you at on the day of your event. If we have any issues finding the event location, we will give you a call. We use GPS to find your location and the GPS we use is based on Google Maps (has worked VERY well for us). Please use Google Maps to ensure your event location is correct. If it is correct, we will not have any issues finding your location. We have had several events in the past with business locations incorrect on Google Maps due to the businesses moving around. We do not want to be late to your event, so please help us by checking to make sure we will be able to easily find you with Google Maps. Find out more: delivery and setup for your event.

For all Do It Yourself packages, you are responsible for picking up everything from us on the day of your event. You are also responsible for returning the equipment on time the following day as that package may be going out to another customer the next day. Please be courteous of others and return the package on time to us. This is much appreciated by us and other customers like yourself.

Who does the setup for my event?

For We Do It All packages, the same team who delivers your equipment will also setup your equipment, provide on-site technical support during the event, and take everything down when the event is finished. This team handles everything for you so you don’t have to worry about anything. We do need to know where you would like the screen to be placed and in which direction. We will give you our opinion on the best location of the screen. You can choose to go with our opinion or place the screen where you like.

We ask that you be there on-time at the scheduled time we provide so you can show us exactly where you would like the screen. Or, we can accept satellite images from Google Maps showing us where you would like the inflatable screen placed and its direction.

If you are not available or late to the event location by the time we need to start setting up, we will first give you a call and ask what you would like us to do. If we do not get an answer from you, we will choose the location and direction for the screen to the best of our ability. Once we begin setting up, we cannot move the location of most screens as they are difficult to move (some are easy depending on the surface and size of the screen). Any delays due to your late arrival time to the event location will be your responsibility. Large delays leading to extra labor hours will incur a labor fee. We keep our prices as low as possible so we cannot have large delays as this costs us extra hours. We would like to stay in business so we must charge the hourly rate for our team due to any delays.

We simply ask that you provide us with the information we need on-time so we can setup and get ready for your event. We will always do our best for you, but we need cooperation on your part to do the best job for you. This page explains more about delivery and setup to your location: Delivery and Setup for Your Event.

If you choose a Do It Yourself package, you are responsible for setting up everything, running the event, and taking everything down. We will give you a quick training session at pickup, and we are available over the phone as well 24/7. We have made the packages as easy as possible to setup and all Do It Yourself events have been 100% successful since we opened our business.

Do you provide technical support during my event?

Our team of technical experts will take care of your entire event from start to finish. We will do our absolute best to ensure your event starts on-time, is executed perfectly, and ends on-time. If there are any technical issues, our team of experts will immediately troubleshoot, fix, and continue with your event. Sometimes there are very intermittent issues that may occur such as a video projector bulb burning out. We constantly maintain our equipment but we cannot predict the life of electronics components as these occurrences are totally random. We carry backup equipment to ensure your event can continue. Please realize that there may be delays during your event if any of these issues happen. Also realize that the likelihood of any issues occurring is very low. If any issues do occur, you can be sure we’ll fix them as quickly as possible. We will make an announcement and ask that you give us a specified amount of time to fix the issue and continue the event. It is impossible to predict issues with electronics. As you probably know, electronics are usually very reliable but they do have a mind of their own at times. Ensuring clean power with separate electrical circuits will prevent most issues.

How do I get a custom web page made for my event?

Included with each package is a custom web page for your event (if you choose). Of course, you have the option to refuse this service in case you are having a private event. If you would like a custom web page for your event, we will ask you to send us all the information we will need to produce the web page for you. You may direct people to your event web page to give your event a professional look and feel. People will be able to leave comments or questions on your web page and you will be able to respond to them there as well. We provide this service absolutely free and highly recommend that you take advantage of this service. If you have a business, this also provides links back to your website from ours which increases your search engine ranking.

Will you build a website for my business or event?

We can build a custom website for your business or for your specific event. If you are having an outdoor movie series or some other type of event that will happen multiple times each year for many years to come, it would be a great idea to create an entire website.

If you need your current website to be updated and re-designed, we can do that too. Websites are not just about creating a website and putting it out there. In order to get people to your website, there are many things you must do. We will explain everything to you and give you a plan for getting hundreds and even thousands of visitors to your website each day (traffic based on supply and demand of the main keywords for your website).

We will give you a custom quote to build a new website for you. We are very good at building websites that are easy to use for everyone. The new website will give you unlimited options and make everything easy to use for the future.

Take a look around our website, and you’ll see the quality of the website design that we have done here. This is just one sample of our work.

Who takes everything down?

For We Do It All packages, our team will take down all equipment and remove it from the event location as quickly as possible once the event is over. You won’t need to do anything as our services make the event completely worry free for you.

For Do It Yourself events, you are responsible for taking down all equipment. Please be careful with the equipment. For example, don’t let the white surface of the screen fall forward and hit the ground surface. Instead, lay it backwards as it deflates. We will explain all of this during the quick training session when you pickup equipment from us.

When will you arrive for my event?

We will arrive early for your event to ensure all equipment is setup and ready to go by the start time of your event. Once you give us the starting time for your event, we will give you an estimated arrival time based on the package and equipment you have chosen. Some setups can take up to 2 hours while most take about an hour for us to setup. Some of the smaller packages can be done faster than an hour. We will provide you with our arrival time and work all the details out with you several days before the event.

How long will it take to set everything up?

The setup time depends on the package you have chosen. Some of the smaller packages will only take 30 minutes for our team to setup while some of the bigger packages may take up to 2 hours for our team. Upgrades such as surround sound and a popcorn machine add time so much of the setup time depends on the options you choose.

How long will it take you to leave after the event is over?

The time to put everything away and leave the event area is similar to the setup time. So it usually takes us anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours for most packages. The overall time depends on the package you have chosen. We can give you a much better estimate once you have reserved a package with us.

Will I need to stay at the event while you are taking everything down?

You do not have to stay at the event site while we take everything down and put everything away. If a door needs to be locked or a gate needs to be closed, we ask that you stay with us until we leave the site to ensure everything is locked up and secured for you. We’ll go as fast as we can if this happens so you can get home and rest.

How do I make a reservation with you?

All you need to do is give us a call and tell us which package you would like to reserve. If you’re not sure exactly which package you would like, we’ll answer any questions you might have and give our recommendations. Usually, we’ll send you a custom quote through email with options and an explanation for each package. When you’re ready to reserve, just give us a call as (502)396-9536.

It’s very important to call us as soon as possible to reserve. We have a large number of screens and several teams so we can do multiple events per night, but we do book up rather quickly even with several teams throughout the year. Week nights are less busy than Friday and Saturday nights. If you’re event is on a Friday or Saturday night or the night before a holiday, please make your reservations as soon as possible. Spring break and the weeks around the start of school are also busier times. September is the most popular month of the year for Outdoor Movies so please keep that in mind as well. Get your dates reserved with us early! If it’s a last minute thing, give us a call anyway as we’ll do our best to get a package for you. Even with the HUGE amount of equipment we already have, we’ve even went out and purchased new equipment at times to serve our customers.

How many different inflatable screens do you have available for rent?

At this time, we have 11 inflatable screens (8 are different sizes) and 4 non-inflatable screens. So you have 12 different screen choices that will work for any situation and any location. We are continuously adding new inflatable screens to our inventory. Our smallest inflatable screen at this time is overall 10-feet wide while the largest inflatable screen at this time is overall 40-feet wide. We have made our packages VERY AFFORDABLE so all people in this area can enjoy outdoor movies and other events. We constantly provide new deals throughout the year!

How far in advance do I need to make reservations?

We recommend that you make reservations with us as soon as possible but we have many different teams available to ensure we can serve you even with late notice. We have received reservations the day of an event before and were able to successfully complete the event. We cannot guarantee the equipment you want will be available, though, unless you book with us in advance. For We Do It All Events, we do have a limited number of teams available per night. This is a family run business so we do our best to support all events, but please understand that running more than 4 We Do It All events per night is not possible for us at this time.

Do you require a deposit like other companies?

At this time, we do not require a deposit to reserve a date with us. We are able to do this as we have several different teams available and many different inflatable screen options. This means we do not turn away business due to required deposits. We will always grow with demand so we hope that we will never require a deposit to reserve an event with us.

What makes you the best at outdoor movies?

Our entire business is focused on outdoor movies. We do not provide bouncy houses, inflatables, carnival games, or any other services or equipment so we can focus our business on outdoor movies and other similar events. We keep our screens in perfect shape and always match equipment for a perfect experience for everyone who attends. Our screens and equipment are HIGHLY maintained as you’ll see. Many of our customers have commented on how nice our equipment is in our packages. We are the outdoor movie experts in this area of the country. If you want to make sure you get the best experience for your outdoor movie event, you’ll want to give us a call here at Super Size Screens (502)396-9536.

Do you also do indoor events?

Yes, we do events anywhere. We can do both indoor and outdoor, under tents, theaters, in homes, in basements, in gyms, by pools, in the middle of a city street, inside a construction zone (we have done this for the Ohio River Bridge Crossing) and more. If the screen fits, we can and will make it happen.

What are your business hours?

We are open 24 hours per day 7 days per week. Just give us a call at (502)396-9536 if you have any questions. If we do not answer, please leave a message so we can call you back as soon as possible. We will call you back as soon as possible. Your call and message to us puts your place in line for any package you want as we go first come first serve for all packages.

Do you require a public performance license?

We, Super Size Screens, do not require a public performance license. A public performance license is required by law for you to obtain. If you are showing a movie or other material that is copyrighted to the general public, a public performance license is required. Though, we are not the authority on this and do not understand the law completely. We leave that to the law enforcers as we do not enforce laws, and we are not lawyers or judges so we do not interpret law. If you are holding a private party on your property, a public performance license most likely is not required but may be if the people attending are outside of your normal circle of family and friends. These statements on the law are difficult to interpret so please be safe and get a public performance license if you think you might need one.

We want to make it clear that WE as Super Size Screens do not require a Public Performance License as explained above. We do not check for a public performance license as that is not our job to do. We simply provide equipment and services. The responsibility of all media is yours as we cannot legally obtain copyrighted media for you. If you choose not to get a public performance license when you are showing copyrighted content, this may be a violation of the law (again, we cannot interpret the law). We, Super Size Screens, are not responsible for any content played in violation of copyright law. The event being conducted is your event. You have simply rented the equipment from us and our services to run the equipment.

For more information on public performance licenses and where you can obtain them, please see our article here: More Information on Public Performance Licenses. If you have any further questions, please give us a call at (502)396-9536.

Will you help me get the public performance license I need?

Yes, we provide this service with every package at no extra cost. Just let us know if you need help getting a license and we will help. We will contact the Public Performance License company depending on the content you are showing and get an estimated cost for you. We usually need to know the number of people you are estimating for your event. Do not overestimate by large amounts as the cost of the license is usually based on the number of people at your event. Do your best to give an accurate estimate but do not overestimate.

Who is responsible for any media issues?

We use commercially available DVD / Blu-Ray players from companies like Sony and Panasonic. They are the experts in designing media players that will work with most media, and they are very good at it. Most commercially available DVD and Blu-Ray movies will be compatible with our media players. You are responsible for ensuring the media is working properly, compatible with commercially available media players, and that the disc is not damaged or corrupt in any way. We cannot be responsible for the media since it is not ours. If you would like for us to ensure the media is compatible with our media players, please send the media to our location along with a $50 service fee as we must watch the media entirely. If the media is longer than 2 hours, please add $25 per hour over 2 hours to the $50 service fee. We have only ever had a couple of issues and 1 issue was due to a 3D Blu-Ray movie and the other was due to a custom made copy from the Public Performance License company. Most media will work in our media players.

What happens if there is bad weather?

If there is a good chance for bad weather, we will call you before leaving for the event and allow you to make an executive decision. Please ensure you are available at the phone number you provide us. Once we leave for an event, a service charge will apply for any cancellation as we must pay travel costs and labor costs for the time spent driving to the event location (this is usually a small fee). We are very reasonable with these fees and are only trying to cover our costs so we can stay in business. If we cannot reach you by phone before the event, we will try a few more times. If you cannot be reached, we will make a decision based on the chance of bad weather and the severity of that weather. We reserve the right to cancel any event due to the chance of bad weather as we must protect our very expensive equipment from bad weather as well as not put anyone in harm at your event. An inflatable screen, even when tied down with heavy duty stakes, is no match for God’s wind power. High winds will rip the screen away and send it flying which can lead to other accidents.

No events should be done in any cases of bad weather! Taking a chance is just not worth it even if you’ve planned this event for a long time. Safety is always first.

Once we arrive at an event and have set up equipment, we consider the event to be complete. If bad weather occurs during the event, we will take everything down as quickly as possible and pack it up so damage does not occur. If there is bad weather on the way, we reserve the right to cancel the event and put equipment away before the event ends. We do not take chances with safety, but weather can be very unpredictable and we cannot be held responsible for any bad weather that may occur.

We highly recommend a backup indoor location. If the equipment is already setup outdoors and you would like to move indoors, there will be a setup and take down fee charged for doing so. We are very reasonable with our fees and would like you to realize that we keep prices as low as possible but must charge extra to pay any additional labor costs. If our employees must work more hours, we must be able to pay them so we can stay in business and offer these unique and fun services to this area of the country. For more information on how we plan for bad weather: Weather and How We Plan for It. If we are able to move all equipment without inducing extra labor hours, we will not charge any fees. We always show up early in case things like this happen.

What’s the difference in all of your inflatable screens?

We have 2 different styles of inflatable screens: (1) Intimate Venue Inflatable Screens, (2)Large Venue PRO Inflatable Screens.

The Intimate Venue screen is a mattress style screen. The bottom part of the screen is about 12 to 24 inches off the ground and is more for an intimate type of event. People can gather around close to the screen. We call the screens intimate venue for that reason. You can definitely use them for larger events too and especially if the screen will be sitting on a stage. I personally love the 25-foot Intimate Venue screen as everyone sits close and it feels like an IMAX theater movie. These screens have a small footprint so they can usually fit almost anywhere.

The Large Venue PRO inflatable screen is much larger overall and really gives you the “WOW!” factor at your event. The PRO style inflatable screen sits higher off the ground so it serves larger events much better as people will be able to see the screen much better. The bottom part of the PRO style screen starts at least 5 feet off the ground. The PRO style screen is much more stable in windy conditions because it has huge columns and a large base that stabilizes the screen. If you’re having an event in a windy area (on top of a hill), a PRO screen is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

You can see the differences in the screens here: Inflatable Screen Comparison. All of our inflatable screens are made in the USA. We do not use cheap imported screens from China or other countries. Our screens are very high quality and made by Americans. We support the United States of America here at Super Size Screens.

How much work goes into an event?

Many people may think that a few hundred dollars is expensive for an outdoor movie event while others who have tried it before know that it’s definitely an amazing bargain. There is a huge amount of work that goes into each event. Here’s just a quick listing of some of the work that goes into each event: (1) maintaining and cleaning the inflatable screen, (2) checking to ensure all equipment is working properly, (3) gathering and packing up all equipment for delivery, (4) delivery to the event location, (5) setup at the event location, (6) working the actual event, (7) taking all equipment down after the event, (8) taking equipment away from the event, (9) cleaning inflatable screen after the event, (10) unpacking all equipment, (11) storing equipment. Even the smallest event with the smallest inflatable screen requires at least 8 hours of work for a single person. As the packages get larger, we add multiple people. From packing up all equipment to the time we leave your event location, it is usually at least 8 hours of work for multiple people. In other words, we are not in this business to get rich but to make a decent and fair living. We work hard for you so you can have a successful event with lots of fun.

We have designed all of the Do It Yourself packages to be as easy as possible for you. Yes, it does require a good amount of work. Plan about an hour for setup and about an hour to take down. 2 people total for setting up and taking down will make things much easier for you. We typically use 2 people for all of our events and this makes everything much quicker and easier. If you have a 3rd person to help, things will get even easier for you.

Can I just rent the screen from you and do this myself?

Please call us for availability and pricing. Please keep in mind there’s much more than just the screen that you’ll need. We have great deals on the entire packages that are designed to make everything very easy for you. Please consider an entire package.

Why is there a travel fee and what does this fee include?

Our base package prices for We Do It All packages do not include travel fees. We could set a constant package price with no travel fee. If we did, though, we would have to set those prices higher just in case we get an event a greater distance away. Instead of charging people that are closer to us that extra cost, we have decided to add a travel fee based on your distance from our event location. And to be fair, we give you a much better deal on that travel fee if we have other events in a similar location as yours on the same night. We do our absolute best to give you the best deal. We will be 100% fair with our prices and always do our best to get our prices as low as possible.

The travel fee includes our cost of gas and labor hours for the amount of time it takes to reach your event location and return from your event location. We are very fair with this travel fee, and it depends on the current cost of gasoline. If the cost of gas goes down, we decrease the travel fee. If the cost of gas increases, we increase the travel fee. We’ll do our best to keep this travel fee as low as possible. We must charge enough to cover our gas and labor costs. We do not make a profit at all on this travel fee. We’re just charging enough to cover our costs.

What’s the difference in your Inflatable Screen and PRO Inflatable Screen Packages?

Inflatable Screen Packages include our intimate venue inflatable screens, standard powered speakers, and standard definition equipment for intimate events. Of course, you can add upgrades to high-definition equipment, more powerful speakers, and other upgrades like a popcorn machine to our normal inflatable screen packages.

PRO inflatable screen packages include our PRO style inflatable screens, high-powered speakers, and high definition equipment for large events. PRO style packages can also be used for smaller events as well. The PRO style screens are much larger overall and really give you the “WOW!” factor. If you don’t have a large setup area, please make sure you have enough room for one of our PRO style inflatable screens.

What are your surround sound options?

All of our packages come with 2 speakers. We have 2 different surround sound options you can add to your package: (1) 4-Speaker Surround Sound, (2) 6-Speaker Surround Sound. You can also add a huge 18″ subwoofer to any package for ground shattering bass and sound. So you could have 6 speakers surrounding your event area with a huge 18-inch sub front and center. The sound quality will be amazing and you will be giving your attendees the best possible experience. Our surround sound options are very affordable and provide you with amazing value. Please call to see if this option is available as the number of speakers and cables are limited. Our sound without surround sound is very good. All of our speakers are high quality and loud.

What is your cancellation policy?

We allow you to cancel your event up to the day of your event with no cancellation fee. There is a lot of preparation that goes into your event, but we allow you to cancel up to the day of your event. If you cancel on the day of your event for anything other than the possibility of bad weather with our agreement, we must charge you a cancellation fee of $50 for inflatable screen and non-inflatable screen packages and $100 for PRO inflatable screen packages. There is no cancellation fee if you cancel at any time before the day of your event. We understand that things happen so that’s why we have such a great cancellation policy. The cancellation fee will cover our labor fees for prep work that our employees do for your event. If you cancel any time before the day of your event, there is no charge at all. If you cancel due to bad weather on the day of your event, there is no fee unless we leave our location for your event. The fee is then based on our time and labor from the time we leave to the time you cancel.

What are the dimensions of each screen?

The home page includes all dimensions of each screen. If you have any questions, please let us know. The PRO screens are much deeper than the other screens and all screens require a tie off area to keep them stable to the ground.

Do you travel further than the typical 60 miles?

Yes, we will travel much further distances. A travel fee is applied to each package based on the distance from our event location. We will provide you with a custom quote to your event location. Most of the time, though, you might be able to find another provider in your area. If another provider is close to you, they should be able to provide you with a lower cost package since their costs will be lower due to far less travel. We will try to recommend another provider if you ask us and if we know of one. Just let us know if our travel fees are too much, and we’ll try to help you find another provider that is closer. Our travel fees are higher when gas prices are higher and lower when gas prices are lower.

How much space is required for each setup?

Each of the inflatable screens requires a larger area than the overall screen dimensions due to the tie-down straps that secure the screen. If you’re in a tight area, please give us a call and we’ll help make sure everything is going to fit in your event area. We’ll make recommendations based on the information you give us.

What is your safety policy?

Safety is always number one priority with Super Size Screens. We go above and beyond by ensuring safety wherever possible. We have the experience to recognize any possible safety issues before they occur. Bad weather can create hazardous conditions so we keep a close eye on the weather radar throughout your event. If anything pops up on the radar, we closely monitor and may cancel the event if there is a good chance of severe weather. Windy conditions can be very unsafe due to the inflatable screen. We use high quality ground stakes to secure the screens, but the wind is so much more powerful than any ground stakes. So please remember that we will always put safety first so your event may be delayed or even cancelled if there are any safety concerns.

We place orange safety cones around hazardous areas and caution tape when needed. We do our best to ensure everyone can see the trip hazards and other hazardous areas. We bring a microphone for announcements, and we ask that you make an announcement before the event to stay away from all equipment and to watch out for hazards around the event area. It is your responsibility to ensure safety during the event as we do not have control over the people who are attending. We can only do our best to warn people.

For large events, we recommend that you have personnel available to watch kids around the equipment. We do not include this service in our packages as it is impossible for us to watch hundreds of people while we are working with our equipment. Some parents will let their kids run wild around the event area and this is very unsafe. We have had children go swinging around speaker stands with 80 pound speakers above them. This is very unsafe so please ensure that parents watch their children at all times as the event area does have hazards. We have also had children try to hide under the screen for hide-and-seek. We have seen parents let their children go under our caution tape and have seen adults walk right through orange cones. The safety equipment is there for a reason. If the people attending your event do not respect the hazardous conditions in the event area, we reserve the right to cancel the event. Injuries are not worth it under any circumstances. We may stop the event and ask you to make an announcement if needed.

We are not baby sitters either. We have had events in which all the adults leave the area and go do their own thing while all the children go wild. These children are not our responsibility to watch. If you leave the children with us, we will cancel the event with no refund since everything has been setup. We will try asking the children to calm down before we take any further action. We will also try coming to find the event leader before canceling the event. We try everything we can, but please remember that hundreds of children are not our responsibility. We have also had very young children sit with us for hours as we take care of them during the movie with the parents no where to be found. Be a parent and take care of your children. Don’t leave your kids with others that you don’t even know. We don’t mind helping children, but there are others in this world that are evil. Watch your children.

We, Super Size Screens, will not be held responsible for injuries to any people who attend the event. Their safety is your responsibility. We simply ask that they stay away from all equipment. We also ask that you make an announcement that children or adults cannot run through the event area. And we ask that you warn them of hazardous areas. Safety is top priority, and that is why we have a strict safety policy. We will ask people to stop running or to not come in specific areas during the event. We keep an eye on everything during the event.

If people ignore our caution tape and safety cones and damage is caused to equipment, you will be responsible for the damage done to the equipment. For example, if an adult lets their child go under the caution tape and the child pulls a cable with him/her that then knocks over the video projector stand and damages the very expensive projector, you will be responsible for the damage to the equipment. This is just an example, but we please ask that you help us in warning all people about the hazardous areas.

We’ve also had college students unplug our extension cords on purpose for a laugh. This is VERY dangerous as the HUGE screens can come falling down on people. Our equipment can also be damaged. If this happens, you are responsible for any damages. Please let children and maybe even some adults know this isn’t funny and is dangerous. We’ve also had police officers chasing those same students around campus during a movie for illegal activity.

How far do you insert ground stakes?

We typically use 18-inch to 24-inch stakes for our inflatable screens. Please ensure that there are no sprinkler heads, wires, pipe, or anything else in the event area that we should be aware of as we are not responsible for any damage done if these areas are not marked with spray paint. Please let us know if we should watch for any hazardous areas when driving stakes.

We ask that you have all underground utilities and other underground equipment marked with spray paint so we know not to drive stakes in that area. This means you must call the following:

Kentucky 811
811 or 1-800-752-6007

Indiana 811
811 or 1-800-382-5544

Ohio Utilities Protection Service
811 or 1-800-362-2764

The above companies will come to your property and mark any utilities in the event location. They will not mark your personal wiring like landscape lighting or wiring ran to a garage. They will also not mark your sprinkler heads or pipe. Marking all of these will be your responsibility. If they are not marked, we will not be held responsible for any damage.

If you would rather us not drive ground stakes into the grass, please let us know when making the reservation as there is a small fee for bringing heavy weights with us to secure the screen. This small fee covers the extra weight during transport and the extra labor required during setup and take down. We do not typically carry the heavy weights with us with each delivery so we must know about this before we leave for your event. Please be sure to let us know before then.

If your event is not on a grass surface, we need to know so we can bring other equipment with us to secure the screen. Please let us know. We will ask over the phone or through email as well just to make sure.

What is your privacy policy?

Super Size Screens is committed to your privacy. We will always make sure that any information you elect to provide us is kept confidential. We pledge that we will never provide that information to anyone else. We only use your email address and any other information you provide to us to better serve you and to keep you informed about changes in our site, new products, and special pricing only available to our customers and newsletter members. You are assured that your information is safe with us. We look forward to serving you.

What is considered bad weather?

Medium to high winds, any rain, snow, sleet, fog, hail, very high humidity, very high heat, freezing temperatures, thunderstorms, tornado, earthquake, hurricane, ice storm, and any other weather that causes hazardous conditions for your event.

What is your cancellation policy once setup is complete at the event location?

Once setup is complete at your event location, the sale is considered final. If the event must be canceled for any reason before the event is concluded, the sale is final as we have met all obligations. Safety issues, bad weather, and inappropriate content for the audience are all reasons the event may be cancelled. No supervision for children is also another reason we will cancel during the event. Again, we have been left with hundreds of children before. Children are very excited for these events and many events have tons of sugar for the kids. Leaving us with hundreds of sugar-filled children will not work or be safe. We have many other things to take care of during the events.

What if inappropriate content is played on the screen?

We are not responsible for the choice of media. If we feel that inappropriate content is being played on the screen for the audience, we will first tell you. If you do not agree, we reserve the right to cancel the event at any time and the sale is considered final. Please choose appropriate media. We will not show adult content to children. We will not tolerate profanity for an audience filled with children. We believe in teaching children appropriate behavior, and showing any adult content reflects very badly on our business. We would rather you be angry at us for cancelling your event than show inappropriate content to children. We will always do the right thing based on our beliefs. Please do not hire us if you think this situation might occur at your event. We do offer private events in which we drop off the equipment and come back to pick it up when you are finished or you can choose a Do It Yourself package. This gives you the privacy to show whatever you would like on the screen. You are 100% responsible for all content shown on the screen. For example, if the screen can be seen by neighbors who have children and you are showing adult content on the screen then you are 100% responsible when the police come and take you to jail. And you’ll be responsible when the parents of those children file a lawsuit against you for damage to their children. Be smart and be a responsible adult. We in NO WAY condone adult content on our screens. If we are contacted during a private event, we will come back to the event area and remove all equipment. We reserve the right to cancel your event at any time. You agree to give us the right to remove equipment from your event area at any time based on any conditions we see that aren’t right.

Am I guaranteed the exact package that I reserved with you?

Sometimes unforeseen events like damage to a screen might occur. We will do our best to always provide the package you have reserved with us. If there is an unfortunate occurrence that prevents us from providing the exact equipment you have ordered, we will substitute your equipment with the most similar equipment that we have. If there is no similar equipment, we reserve the right to cancel your event. We have never had this happen before, but we need to mention in case something happens in the future.

Can the inflatable screen and other equipment be setup on concrete or pavement?

Yes, we do inflatable screen setups on concrete and pavement. We will ask you where your screen will be setup as we need to know whether to bring ground stakes to secure the screen and other equipment or if we need to bring sandbags or other equipment to secure the inflatable screens. We also do indoor setups on other surfaces as well.

What about cleaning fees?

We do not charge any cleaning fees unless the event area is unclean and causes us more than normal cleaning. For example, please ensure that all animal feces is cleared from the event location. Cleaning animal feces from our equipment adds labor so we will add a cleaning fee for the extra labor. If there is permanent damage to equipment, you will be responsible for replacing the equipment. Also, we do not setup on dirt only surfaces as this gets our equipment very, very dirty. We setup our 40-foot screen on dirt once and please remember this screen is 30 feet tall as well. There was dirt all over it and it took us the entire day to wipe and scrub it clean from the dirt.

Can you setup close to a pool or other water source?

We can place the inflatable screen close to a pool or water source but we cannot place any electrical equipment close to any water sources for safety reasons.

Can I pickup a package and do it myself to cut costs?

Yes, we have Do-It-Yourself packages. This will save you some money since you will be picking up the equipment, installing, running the event, taking down equipment, and bringing back the equipment the day after your event. For a small additional cost, we can do everything for you in our We-Do-It-All Packages.

Will I be required to sign a contract?

Yes, we will send you a contract / rental agreement to your email address the week of your event. You should review the contract in its entirety so you understand all of the agreements you are making. We want your event to be safe, and we don’t want your event to be cancelled for any reasons. Please take the time to read through the contract so you fully understand all of our policies. Our policies are there so we can help make your event a huge success.

All of our contracts are in English. We do not provide translations so you are responsible for interpreting to any other language. We only operate our business in the United States and our official language is English. We do not translate into other languages. If you need help, we may be able to assist in finding someone to translate the document for you. Please just let us know if you are having issues.

Are there restrictions on delivery locations?

Yes, we need a level area for delivery. If there are large hills or steep hills that we must traverse with a cart, there will be extra fees associated if extra manpower is required for us to get the equipment up any steep hills or stairs. Some of our inflatable screens weigh several hundred pounds and it is very dangerous for us to attempt moving this equipment up and down hills. It is your responsibility to inform us of any hills at time of reservation. We will not set up in any location that is not listed on your contract or any location that our team deems unsafe for your rental or the physical safety of our team and equipment. We will not allow our team to set up at any location that illegal activity is witnessed whether or not you are the person conducting the illegal activity. We may not set up at multifamily complexes unless written approval is received from the complex owner. Our team will determine if the location you choose is suitable and safe for your event. Our team may, at their discretion, change your set up location for safety and other reasons.

Does the setup area need to be level?

Yes, the area where the screen and all equipment will be located must be level for safety reasons.

Can I play music before the event starts?

We use our music to test the sound system before the event starts. We reserve the right to play the music we need to check our sound system. Our music is suitable for all audiences but some of our music is Christian based and may offend some people due to the mention of Jesus, God, and the Holy Spirit. We do not apologize for playing music about Jesus during our sound system checks. We believe this country was founded on God, and we will not apologize for content that mentions Him. We do not compromise our beliefs for any reason, and we reserve the right to play any music we need for sound system checks. Once we are finished with our sound system checks, we will play any music that you would like but it must be suitable for the audience. If the event is public and the music is copyrighted, you may need a public performance license to play the music. We reserve the right to stop the music at any time if not suitable for the audience. Again, good examples need to be set for children (and adults).

Am I responsible for damage to the equipment?

Yes and no as it depends on how the equipment was damaged. You are not responsible for normal wear and tear on any of our equipment. If damage occurs due to failure to follow our safety rules or negligence you will be responsible for all damages up to and including replacement of the any damaged equipment which can cost thousands of dollars. Some of our packages total over $20,000 in equipment. We don’t want you or us to be in that situation, and that’s we ask you to fully read and understand the contract you are signing. This is also why we send you the contract at least a day in advance so you have time to fully review the contract.

If you choose a Do It Yourself package and setup equipment around a pool, you need to keep all equipment away from the water. You cannot set it up close and then allow kids and adults to splash water all over the equipment. We’ve had this before, and we did not charge the customer for damage to the equipment. We cannot afford damage to our equipment. We would like to stay in business so please be aware of what’s happening at the event and make sure all equipment is safe from damage.

Also, we provide equipment to you to cover equipment during rain. You cannot just let rain pour down on our equipment during a Do It Yourself event. Please cover the equipment so rain does not cause damage.

How many hours are included?

Every We Do It All package includes 2 hours of actual event time. This 2 hour time period does not include setup or take down time so most movies are easily complete in 2 hours. Do It Yourself packages include overnight rental so you can use the equipment as much as you want until it’s time to return.

Can I purchase extra hours for my event?

Yes, extra hours can be purchased at the rate of $50 per hour for We Do It All packages. You can add these extra hours at any time before or during the event. Please find one of our team members and tell them that you would like to add an extra hour or extra hours to your event. Payment will be required at that time. Our team reserves the right to refuse extra hours in case we already have plans for another pickup or another event. To ensure extra hours are available, please tell us as soon as possible.

Do you have a private event option?

Yes, please let us know you would like a private event with no Super Size Screens personnel. We require a training session with you once we have setup all equipment. You will be responsible for equipment while we are not on-site, and you will be responsible for protecting equipment during bad weather. You will be required to sign documents agreeing that you understand the training we have provided and that you assume responsibility for equipment while we are not on-site. There is extra cost associated with the private event option.

Can we play video games?

Yes, you hook your own video game console up to the projector included. Please let us know so we can show you how to connect to our equipment.

Can we use inflatable screens for advertising?

Yes, you can use any of our inflatable screen packages for anything you like. We can setup an advertising package at your business location the night before a big sale and project your advertisements onto the screen. This will definitely attract lots of attention if you can get the screen in a busy area. This is a very unique method of advertising and will surely pay for itself very easily.

Can we use the equipment for a business presentation?

Yes, if something can be projected onto the screen we can make it happen. Presentations, sales pitches, advertisements, slideshows, and more. We’ll work with you to setup anything you like.

Should I have a backup indoor location in case of bad weather?

If you want your event to happen on a given date at a given time no matter what, you definitely need to plan for an indoor location. Weather is very unpredictable and an indoor location as a backup will allow you to have your event no matter what. Just make sure the package we are bringing with us will fit in the indoor area. We have smaller screens that we can bring with us as well if needed. We’ll work with you to plan out all the details for your backup indoor location.

Is a gym a good place to setup equipment?

A gym is a perfect place for setting up equipment. Just make sure the gym is large enough for the inflatable screen package that you choose. Call us with any questions or concerns.

Is the air blower used by the inflatable screen too loud?

Air blowers are rather loud by themselves. They are placed behind all of our inflatable screens and the screen structure does a great job at blocking the sound from the air blower. Once you add in the speakers, you will never notice the sound coming from the air blower.

Do you have a sound box available for the air blower?

Yes, we have a sound box available at no cost to you. This sound box removes most of the noise from the air blower and allows you to have a quieter experience. If you’re doing your event indoors, you might want to consider the sound box option as it reduces the noise greatly.

How much does each package cost?

We have base package prices that do not include travel related costs. We base the travel fee on your distance from our location, but we keep the travel fee as low as possible. We will send you a custom quote through email if you contact us and let us know which packages you are interested in. We will provide several different options in your custom quote if you’re not sure which package you would like. We will get the custom quote to you quickly so you can get the equipment of your choice reserved for your event date.

Does the inflatable screen need to be fastened down?

Yes, all inflatable screens must be fastened down in all situations. This means they must be secured whether they are indoors or outdoors. Each screen has strong straps attached to it for fastening and securing the screen. We use large ground stakes for events on grass and we use heavy weights on other surfaces. You are required to fasten the screens for Do It Yourself events.

Why can’t my outdoor event start earlier?

The sun is very powerful. There is not a single video projector in existence that will compete with the sun. At this time, we must wait until the sun goes down in order to get a good picture on the screen surface. There are people working on finding a way to start projection earlier in the day by using different surfaces for projection. LED screens can be used during the day, but they are very expensive and the image on the screen is not great. Be ready to pay a very large amount for LED screens.

Where are you located?

Super Size Screens in located in Simpsonville, KY and is a home-based business at this time. This allows us to keep our costs as low as possible. Simpsonville is located just West of Shelbyville, KY and is just East of Louisville, KY. This gives us a central location to Louisville and Lexington, which allows us to serve the 2 biggest cities in Kentucky at a great price. This also gives us great access to cities in Southern Indiana, our capital city Frankfort, the growing Spencer County and Henry Country areas, and many other towns and cities throughout Kentucky and Indiana. We have done a large number of events in Lexington, KY and surrounding areas.

Do you play any advertisements during the event?

We do reserve the right to play short advertisements during the event and/or make announcements during the event. This allows us to keep the cost of our packages lower than normal. We also reserve the right to place signs on or around our equipment.

What about wrinkles in the screens?

Some of the screen material we use will show wrinkles in the day time. This material is very bright white and high gain but it does show wrinkles. This happens only in the day time and with bright white screens during the movie. When the correct video projector is matched to the inflatable screen, this really helps with any wrinkles. Other inflatable screens we have do not show wrinkles in the day time, but the gain of the screen is lower. Once the video projector is on and we’ve reached civil twilight time or a dark room indoors, the wrinkles will not be noticeable 99% of the time. The picture will look amazing as you can see in many videos we’ve posted on the Super Size Screens You Tube Channel.


We reserve the right to change any and all information, policies, and procedures without notice. We also reserve the right to cancel your reservation without notice and or without cause. Please feel confident that we will do everything in our power to fulfill your reservation, but there are times that circumstances prevent us from doing so. We are here to serve you and will do our best to make that happen.

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