Our Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Packages are very popular because they do cost less than our other options since you’ll be doing the actual setup and take down yourself along with running the actual event. We cut out our labor costs and travel costs and have passed those savings on to you. If you’re looking for a great value, our Do-It-Yourself packages include everything you need for a successful event.

Here’s How It Will Work When Your Reserve a Do-It-Yourself Package from Super Size Screens

If you’re interested in a Do-It-Yourself Package, please call us now at (502)396-9536 to reserve the package you would like as these packages go fast every year and especially around the holidays, early spring, and late fall. Summer can get busy as well when school is out.

You will be responsible for picking up your package from us and returning all of the equipment to us in the same condition.

For our Do-It-Yourself Packages, we allow you to setup a pickup time with us on the day of your event. We usually allow you to choose a pickup time of your choice. Just let us know what time you need to pickup your Do-It-Yourself package from us. We’ll give you directions to our location or you can map out our location on your smart phone. Please see Our Location page for directions.

Once you arrive to pickup your equipment, we’ll give you a quick training session on how to setup the equipment. We provide you with a detailed instruction manual that clearly states how to set everything up precisely.

We’ll then need to see your drivers license and have you sign the contract. We will send you the contract through email a day or so before your pickup date so you have time to review before signing at pickup time. Once you’ve paid and we’ve loaded all the equipment up for you, you’ll be on your way back home or to your event location.

We accept cash, check, and credit card for payment but prefer cash or check due to credit card fees.

We Include All Equipment You Will Need for Your Event

All equipment is included in all of our packages. The screen, speakers, speaker stands, air blower, ground tarp, ground stakes, mallet for stakes, tethers for strapping screen down, video projector, media player(s) of your choice, audio cables, video cables, power cables, extension cords, safety pack, and more. Everything you need is included.

Note: we do not include the actual media (DVD, Blu-Ray, Video Game, CD, mp3, etc) because we are not legally able to do so. We are not responsible for obtaining any licenses and we do not police licensing. Licensing is always your responsibility. You can find out more about this at our Public Performance License page.

Other Tips to Make Do-It-Yourself Easy for You

We include a detailed instruction manual with each package so it’s very easy to setup as long as you follow the instructions step-by-step. It’s also very easy to take everything down and put it away if you follow the instructions closely. We have had a large number of these packages out in the past, and we have only had a few very small issues such as where to plug in the speaker cable.

You will need 2 strong and capable people to do this setup, and a third person would make it even quicker and even easier. Yes, 1 person can do the setup, but we do not recommend as some of the screens are very tough to assemble and inflate with only 1 person. 2 to 3 people will make the setup much quicker and easier.

We would allow about 1 hour for setup and 1 hour for take down. Sometimes it may be faster and sometimes it may be slower due to the package you choose, the number of people you have helping, and the skill level of the people helping. If you’re worried, we recommend that you start setting up early.

Once a Do-It-Yourself Package is picked up from us, the sale is final. So weather needs to be planned for and monitored by you. We will help as much as we can, but sometimes it’s difficult to predict the weather when we’re not in the actual location of your event. Sometimes it may say it’s raining in your area from looking at a radar, but it’s not.

You need to be very careful and ensure the equipment does not get left in bad weather. We highly recommend indoor backup plans for your event with our Do-It-Yourself Packages. If the screen you have chosen will not fit indoors, we can provide you with a backup indoor screen for a small rental charge.

For taking everything down after your event, we highly recommend good lighting. This might be from a few different vehicle headlamps, flashlights, headlamps, etc. You’ll need good lighting so you can see everything you are doing. You also want to make sure you don’t accidentally leave some of the equipment outdoors and cause damage to the equipment. You also don’t want to worry about losing the equipment or having to drive multiple times to return equipment. Good lighting and a thorough check of the area will prevent all of these issues.

Returning the Equipment to Us the Next Day

The equipment must be returned by 12 PM the next day. This is so we can clean the equipment and get it ready for the next outgoing package. If you need to return it at a later time, we can work with you especially if we don’t have it going out for another rental. Just let us know. We are willing to work with you under any circumstances or situations.

Inflatable Screens Available for Do-It-Yourself Packages

We have 2 different sizes to choose from at this time for Do-It-Yourself packages. The 110-Inch Inflatable Screen is 10-feet wide with a viewing width of 8-feet. The 165-Inch Inflatable Screen is 14-feet wide with a viewing width of 12-feet. Find out more at the links below:

110-Inch Inflatable Screen Packages

165-Inch Inflatable Screen Packages

If you’re looking for a larger screen for a bigger event, we have those available as well for We-Do-It-All packages and Drop-Off-Pick-Up packages. They are not available for Do-It-Yourself because they are very heavy and more difficult to setup and take down. You can see other options summarized on the Reservations page.