110 inch inflatable screen do it yourself package

Our Do It Yourself 110-Inch Inflatable Screen Package includes everything you need to setup this package and put on your very own event for up to 80 people.

For this Do-It-Yourself package, you can pickup all equipment from us on the day of your event and get a quick training session from us on how to setup. We also provide a detailed instruction manual and are available 24/7 for phone support.

We’ve made everything very easy to setup as we have a 100% success rate with past customers.

Equipment Included With Inflatable Screen Package

  • 110-Inch Inflatable Screen
  • 10-Inch Speakers & Stands
  • 2500 Lumen Video Projector
  • 1 HP Air Blower
  • Tarp
  • Stakes
  • Straps
  • Audio Mixer
  • DVD/Blu-Ray Player
  • Power Conditioner
  • Media Center
  • Projector Stand & Box
  • Cords, Cables, & Adapters
  • Microphone w/ Stand
110 inch inflatable screen package views
10 inch high powered speakers with stands and cables

Services Included With This Inflatable Screen Package

  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • Quick Training Session
  • Overnight Rental
  • Picking Up Equipment
All of our Do-It-Yourself packages include 24 hours per day support over the phone. You can call (502)396-9536 at any time for technical support. We provide detailed instructions and a quick training session at pickup time. We have organized all equipment, cords, and cables to make everything very easy for you. We have had 100% success rates with past customers who rent our Do It Yourself packages.
When you come to pickup your Do-It-Yourself package from us, we go through all the equipment with you and show you how to setup all equipment. You can ask questions if something doesn’t make sense to you. We’ve setup these packages so they are easy for you to setup, and we’ll show you when you come to pickup from us.
You can pickup the day of your event by setting up a time with us for pickup. Simply return the package the following day by 11 AM.
Be sure to bring a car, SUV, or truck with plenty of room as you’ll need to get all equipment packed into the vehicle. The equipment needs to be protected from weather just in case it starts to rain on your way back home or when you’re bringing back to us. Once you pickup from us, you are responsible for all damage so please bring the proper vehicle to pickup package from us.

Popular Upgrades for This Inflatable Screen Package

  • Popcorn Machine
  • Snow Cone Machine
  • Cotton Candy Machine
  • 6' Banquet Tables
  • Folding Chairs
  • Lawn Chairs
  • HD Video Projector
  • 12-Inch High Powered Speakers
  • 18-Inch Subwoofer w/ Cables
  • 4-Speaker Surround Sound w/ Cables
  • 6-Speaker Surround Sound w/ Cables
  • Additional Microphones w/ Stands
  • Video Game Console
  • Laptop Computer
  • Custom Event Tickets
Adding a popcorn machine is almost a must for any event, small / medium / large / or huge. Everyone loves popcorn with an outdoor movie, indoor movie, or almost any other event.

Our popcorn tastes just like movie style popcorn and we can provide the popcorn, butter, seasoning salt, and oil for cooking with our popcorn machine.

We also provide popcorn bags as well.

Here’s the cost of each of the upgrades:

Popcorn Machine Rental Only = $50 per day
Popcorn Supplies = $0.50 per Person
Popcorn Machine Attendant = $15 / Hour

Please let us know if you would like to add any of the popcorn upgrades to your event. Our prices are great, and you can serve a large number of people at a VERY low cost!

Snow Cones are crowd favorites during hot Summer nights. Snow Cones can be the perfect thing for a warm and humid night.

We provide different options for snow cones:

1) Snow Cone Machine Rental = $50
2) Snow Cone Machine Supplies = $1.00 per Person
3) Snow Cone Machine Attendant = $15 per Hour

We’ll also provide the snow cone cups and straws with the snow cone machine rental and supplies rental. If you choose the attendant option, we’ll also make the snow cones and serve the snow cones as well.

Please let us know if you would like to add the snow cone machine, supplies, and attendant to your inflatable screen package.

Cotton candy is a favorite for many people and especially kids! Adults love cotton candy too but the kids really enjoy it.

We have different options if you decide you would like cotton candy at your next event or party:

1) Cotton Candy Machine Rental = $50 per Day
2) Cotton Candy Supplies = $1.00 per Person
3) Cotton Candy Machine Attendant = $15 per Hour

We’ll also provide the cotton candy sticks as they are included with the cotton candy supplies charges above.

Please let us know as soon as possible if you would like cotton candy at your next event or party.

We provide 6′ folding banquet tables at the cost of $8 per table and this price is only valid with an inflatable screen package. You won’t find a better deal than this anywhere! Most table rental companies will charge just that for the rental and not including delivery or setup. This is all included!

We will bring the tables with us and also help set them up. So this includes delivery, setup, and take away.

If you want a large number of tables, we may have to charge an additional delivery fee if we cannot fit them all into our delivery truck and trailer along with the inflatable screen package.

Please let us know how many folding tables you would like, and we will provide you with a custom quote.

We rent out white folding chairs including delivery and setup for $1.00 per chair. This price is only valid with one of our inflatable screen packages.

Please let us know how many folding chairs you would like as an additional delivery fee may be required if we cannot fit all of your order within our delivery truck and trailer.

We provide white lawn chairs with arm rests that are very comfortable for outdoor events. We prefer them over folding chairs because they are more comfortable but they do require more overall space.

The cost to rent our white lawn chairs is $1.25 per chair. This includes delivery, setup, and take away which is an amazing deal and much better than you’ll find anywhere. This is a no hassle service for you at a very low cost.

Please let us know how any lawn chairs you would like as there may be an additional delivery fee if the number of chairs do not fit on our delivery truck and trailer with your inflatable screen package. Our prices will then be equivalent to most chair rental companies as we will have to bring another truck / trailer to the event location.

The price of the lawn chair rental is only valid with an inflatable screen package.

You can add a high definition video projector to any inflatable screen package as shown below:

1) 720p high definition video projector, $25
2) 1080p high definition video projector, $50

Standard definition video projectors produce a very nice image on the screen with our high gain screen surfaces.

If you want to go above and beyond that, though, add the high definition video projector upgrade to your inflatable screen package.

We use HDMI cables along with the video projector to produce high definition but please remember that the movie or other media you choose must be high definition format in order to see any benefits at all on the screen.

If your package comes with 10-Inch Speakers, you can upgrade to 12-Inch Speakers with more power.

The cost to upgrade is minimal at just $50 and can help you serve an even larger number of people.

We also have surround sound options available to produce perfect sound levels at all locations within your event area.

If you want an even higher quality of sound at your event, you might think about adding this HUGE 18-Inch Sub Woofer to your package:

You can add this HUGE subwoofer to your sound system for just $75.

This will give you the ground shaking low frequency sound that you’re looking for with action movies, video games, or any other type of media that needs bass to improve the sound experience at your event.

For just $100, you can add surround sound to your event. This includes the extra speakers, speaker stands, audio cables, extension cords, setup, and take down.

Here’s what 4-speaker surround sound will look like at your event or party:

Surround sound is great for larger events so the people in the front aren’t blasted with sound from 2 front speakers while the people in the back can barely hear the sound.

Adding 2 speakers in the back in addition to the speakers in the front will really take your event to the next level all for a very low cost.

6-Speaker Surround Sound can be added to your event for just $200.

This includes 4 additional speakers, speaker stands, audio cables, extension cords, setup, and take down. We also match volume levels between all 6 speakers so all locations throughout your event get the same sound experience.

Here’s what a 6-speaker surround sound setup will look like:

6 speaker surround sound system

6-speaker surround sound is great for larger events so everyone in the crowd gets an equivalent experience no matter if they are early and get good seats or late and get seats in the back of the event area.

This upgrade really takes your event to the next level!

We include a microphone, mic cable, and a stand with every package.

If you need additional microphones, you can add them for only $15 each.

This includes the microphone, stand, delivery, setup, mic cable, and take down.

You can add a video game console of your choice to any inflatable screen package:

1) Playstation 3 = $40
2) Microsoft XBox = $40
3) Nintendo Wii = $40

Or you can bring your own but you must have all the correct cables to hookup to our equipment. If you’re planning on bringing a video game console, please let us know beforehand so we can plan accordingly.

You can add a laptop computer to your inflatable screen package for just $50.

You can also bring your own, but please realize the risk if you are having an outdoor event. We take all the risk with our laptops for only $50.

A computer allows you to do business presentations, slideshows, Internet surfing (connection not provided), and more.

Please let us know if you will be bringing your laptop so we can bring cables that might be needed depending on your laptop. If you ONLY have a DVI connection, please let us know.

If you want to create buzz for your event, you should purchase this upgrade option.

Hand out tickets a few weeks before your event or a few days before your event.

You can purchase this upgrade for just $0.25 per per person or ticket. 4 weeks of lead time are required for this option so we can design the tickets for you.

You get 1 single revision of the ticket design. If you have a design in mind, this would help us get it right the first time. So please provide all the details we will need to get your tickets exactly as you want.

Pictures of This Inflatable Screen Package

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about this DIY 110-Inch Inflatable Screen Package, you can give us a call any time at (502)396-9536 or visit our comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions Page. If you give me a call, I will be more than happy to answer your questions!

RESERVE NOW by Calling (502)396-9536

To reserve this 110-Inch Do It Yourself Inflatable Screen Package, simply give us a call at (502)396-9536 to reserve or send us an email at pam@super-size-screens.com and we will reserve this package for your event date if available. Call us now at (502)396-9536 to ensure this package is available.

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