delivery and setupDepending on your specific event…

Delivery time and setup time of your Super Size Screens equipment will vary.

One thing that does stay constant, though, is the fact that we will always be early and prepared.

In fact, we must be able to come to the site of your event early to start setting everything up. We want to make sure everything is ready far before the scheduled starting time for your event.

The amount of equipment and your specific event requirements will determine your specific delivery and setup time.

Planning For Your Event

We always perform a scout of the location/site of the event once you decide to hire us.

Sometimes we use Google Maps to do so and use the Satellite Imaging option on Google Maps. This gives us a chance to find any specific problems that may arise for your event. We like to take a look at any structures around the area and see if there’s any slope to your event area.

We will also ask you about power sources (outlets) for our equipment. Sometimes we need multiple outlets on different circuit breakers depending on the package you have chosen.

We also like to measure distances, ensure we have level ground for the inflatable screens, the correct distance for front/rear projection, possible light sources that may cause issues, and a multitude of other things. Many of these things are easily taken care of when we arrive on-site for your event.

If you don’t have any power sources close, please let us know as we will need to bring a power generator to the event. Without power, the show cannot go on so this is something we’ll ask you about when we talk to you.

Delivery to Your Event

For most events, we’ll need to be there about 2 hours before the starting time. This is just a rough estimate. We’ll give you the exact arrival time when you book an event with us.

For large events, we may arrive about 2.5 to 3 hours before the starting time. For example, packages with surround sound will require more setup time.

No matter what, though, we will inform you of our plans and ensure that we are in constant contact with you. You can also call us ANY TIME if you have any questions or concerns about anything.

We’ll start by unpacking everything from our organized storage totes. We’ll get the screen constructed or inflated, the media table setup, the speaker system setup, the projector setup in the perfect location, power ran to the equipment, and anything else that needs setup (popcorn machine, tables, chairs, microphones, etc).

The more equipment required for your event, the longer the setup time. The less equipment, the shorter the setup time.

We will provide you with estimates for delivery and setup time. We keep you informed so you know exactly when we will arrive and when we will have everything ready for your event to start.

You Always Have Our Contact Information

Once you schedule us for your next event, we will provide you with our personal cell phone numbers.

You can always call us, text message us, or email us to get in contact with us.

We provide you with 2 phone numbers so you always have access to Pam or Josh. One of us should always be able to answer the phone on your first attempt. We could be inflating screens or talking with other customers but we will call back soon.

Our goal is to always be available when you call or, at the very least, call you back as soon as possible. We usually answer our phones unless we are busy with other customers at the time you call.

As your event date gets closer, you become our number one priority.

Your event will be number one, and we will do everything to ensure your event is successful.

You will know when we are coming for delivery and setup of your event. We will stay in touch with you so you have no worries. You just don’t get that type of service from anyone else. We will be available for you.

We are, without a doubt, the best at inflatable screens in this area. Give us a call now to schedule us for your next event. You’ll witness our top-notch customer service and you’ll see why we are the best.

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