civil twilightThe most common question for any outdoor event:

When can my event begin?

If you’re planning on using one our Super Size Screens and a projector for your outdoor event under stars and sky…

The absolute best time to begin your movie is at the end of Civil Twilight.

Most people have no idea what civil twilight is so we wanted to explain and give you a list of approximate civil twilight ending times so you know what times your outdoor event can start throughout the year.

These are our recommended times as any projector, no matter how powerful it is, will have trouble competing with the sun. The sun is much too bright for any projector.

Once the sun goes down and there’s enough darkness, your event may begin.

Approximate Times for the Beginning of an Outdoor Event With Our Projectors and Screens

Below, you will find a list of civil twilight times for each month of the year

We wanted to list out each month of the year and its time so you can see the huge difference between times around this area throughout the year.

Again, this is our recommended start time to you based upon the best possible picture on your Super Size Screen.

If you want the picture on the screen to be amazing, darkness is required. We can always start the show earlier for you, but the picture on the screen will not be as bright because the projector will have to compete with ambient light.

Please remember that these are approximate times as nature changes and these are our best estimates:


  • 1st: 6:03 PM
  • 15th: 6:15 PM
  • 30th: 6:31 PM


  • 1st: 6:33 PM
  • 15th: 6:48 PM
  • 28th: 7:01 PM


  • 1st: 7:03 PM
  • 15th: 8:17 PM
  • 30th: 8:32 PM


  • 1st: 8:34 PM
  • 15th: 8:47 PM
  • 30th: 9:02 PM


  • 1st: 9:03 PM
  • 15th: 9:17 PM
  • 30th: 9:31 PM


  • 1st: 9:32 PM
  • 15th: 9:40 PM
  • 30th: 9:42 PM


  • 1st: 9:42 PM
  • 15th: 9:36 PM
  • 30th: 9:24 PM


  • 1st: 9:21 PM
  • 15th: 9:04 PM
  • 30th: 8:42 PM


  • 1st: 8:39 PM
  • 15th: 8:17 PM
  • 30th: 7:53 PM


  • 1st: 7:52 PM
  • 15th: 7:31 PM
  • 30th: 7:13 PM


  • 1st: 7:11 PM
  • 15th: 5:59 PM
  • 30th: 5:53 PM


  • 1st: 5:52 PM
  • 15th: 5:54 PM
  • 30th: 6:02 PM

The Above Times Are Approximate

We’ll have all of our equipment setup and ready to go before the end of civil twilight.

You’ll be able to see the image on the screen and you’ll know when it’s time to start the event.

If your event MUST start at a specific time no matter what, please let us know. We usually start the event according to the projector status on the screen. If it looks good, we start. If the projector is competing with too much natural light, we wait a little longer.

We can start whenever you want, but we recommend the above ending times for civil twilight as our recommended times.

And please remember they are only approximate times as nature tends to change on us from time to time.