We use Google Calendar to help us organize all of our events. We’ve made our calendar public in case you would like to see some of our upcoming events. Many of our events are free to the public so feel free to come and see our work if you’re thinking about hiring us. If you have any questions, just let us know. If you’re looking to reserve an event date with us, please give us a call as we don’t always update Google Calendar due to time restrictions and other work that we need to get done. Without further ado, here’s the calendar of events for Super Size Screens:

[google-calendar-events id=1 type=”ajax”]

A Listing of Super Size Screens Events In Chronological Order from Our Opening Date

The events shown below are all events that we have added to our Google Calendar. This is not an all inclusive list of events as we sometimes forget to add events to our Google Calendar. This will give you a good idea of the work we’ve done in the past, though. We can provide references if you would like. We do not include full names on some of the calendar listings for privacy purposes.

[google-calendar-events id=1 type=”list”]

Please Don’t Rely on the Above Calendar for Accuracy

Give us a call if you’re looking to reserve a package with us. We have several different screens available, so we can usually do several different packages per night. If you’re serious about reserving, please call us at (502)396-9536 so we can reserve your event date on our calendar. We do have a limited number of We-Do-It-All events that we can schedule per day due to limited personnel. So please call us as soon as possible to reserve your event date with us.