Blu Ray Movies and Super Size Screens go absolutely great together.

If you’re having a family outdoor movie night, nothing beats a movie in high definition with one of our huge movie screens and one of our HD 1080p video projectors.

If you have never seen a Blu Ray movie outdoors on a huge movie screen, you really are missing something.

It actually blows away the picture that you get at a movie theater.

Get Your Blu Ray Movies Here…

If you’re looking to purchase a new Blu Ray movie for your outdoor movie night, we’ve given you some of the best options available:

blu ray moviesGet Your Blu Ray Movies Here

If you don’t know anything about the Blu Ray format, just trust us when we say it looks absolutely amazing on the screen when watching.

It’s simply a high definition 1080p format that makes your viewing experience even better.

You can get new Blu Ray movies sent to you with free 2-day shipping if you sign up for a Prime membership.

You can find new releases, the new release schedule, older movies new in Blu Ray format, most popular movies, children movies, etc. You can search and sort for anything you want.

Pick the perfect movie for your outdoor movie night.

Remember, if you’ve never witnessed a Blu Ray on one of our huge movie screens… it’s time. You’ll absolutely love the experience.

Here’s An Image From One Of Our Screens With A Blu Ray

The image below is from the movie Puss In Boots along with one of our HD 1080p video projectors and our 165″ PRO Movie Screen.

Look at the amazing quality of the image on the large screen:

blu ray movies high quality

And the picture really doesn’t do it justice.

In person, the quality of the image is even better. If you try to take a picture of your TV, you’ll see how it’s difficult to get a good picture on your camera.

So you can imagine how much better the image looks on the screen than in the picture shown above.