backyard big screenWe now have a backyard big screen available for purchase or rent.

This movie screen is a 120-inch diagonal.

You can compare that with your current television.

Even the largest TV in today’s world doesn’t even come close to 120 inches.

And if it does, it’s going to cost thousands and thousands of dollars.

You’re going to love this screen because of it’s mobility, size, and ease of use.

This screen does not inflate so no blowers are required but it does take some time to assemble.

This means it can be used in much smaller areas and at events where any noise from the blower might be an issue. This could mean any indoor events in smaller areas where it needs to be quiet at times.

Inflatable screens are faster to setup than screens that require assembly time but you can get around that assembly time with this backyard movie screen.

This Backyard Movie Screen Can Be Used Anywhere…

You might want to take your new movie screen and equipment with you the next time you go camping.

movie screen kitOr maybe you want to permanently place this screen in your garage or on the backside of your garage.

Or maybe you want this screen in your basement in your new movie room.

You could store this screen in your garage along the back wall and bring it out on your deck for a night time movie, sporting event, or your favorite TV show under the stars.

If you have a hot tub…

You might want to bring this screen out for a movie in the hot tub.

Imagine having an outdoor party and this screen on your patio playing music videos or your favorite movie.

This screen is less than 8 feet tall so it would also easily fit in most homes. You might want to watch the Super Bowl on your 120-inch screen in your family room or great room.

Others might have big screen TV’s for the Super Bowl but you’ll have the BIG SCREEN that no one else will have.

The options are unlimited with this backyard screen.

More Details About This Backyard Big Screen…

Screen Size: 120″ Diagonal
Aspect Ratio: 16:9 Wide Screen
Frame Height: 94″ (7’10”)
Frame Width: 114″ (9’6″)
Screen Height: 59″ (4’11”)
Screen Width: 104″ (8’8″)
Weight” 44 lbs

This screen includes stakes and ropes for anchoring and stabilizing the frame.

If there’s any wind at all, you must anchor the frame to the ground. This means if you are using this backyard movie screen outdoors, you MUST anchor it down.

Always play it safe no matter what.

You don’t want your new screen flying around and hitting a car or home if a storm happens to sneak up on you.

If you’re using indoors, it’s much safer.

backyard big screenThis screen also comes with a carrying bag.

This is one of the most portable screens available that doesn’t require a blower.

And it’s 120-inch screen gives it plenty of size to awe anyone around.

You just can’t find 120-inch TV screens so no TV compares with this screen!

And you can’t pack up a huge TV and take it anywhere with you.

Television sets are very fragile and can easily be broken if you try to move them around.

This backyard big screen solves all of those problems with a typical TV set. You can take this screen with you anywhere. It’s easy and provides endless hours of entertainment for you, your family, and your friends.

This backyard big screen is perfect for your home and very affordable compared to any TV or any of our inflatable screens.

Advantages and Disadvantages of this Movie Screen Compared to Inflatable Screens

Let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of this screen compared to inflatable screens we have available:


– Much cheaper than inflatable screens
– Much Quieter due to no air blowers
– No Electricity Required
– Takes up less space
– Fits in smaller areas
– Very portable
– Less than 8 feet in height
– No blowers required / less equipment


– Only goes to 120-inches, inflatable screens much larger available
– Assembly and Dis-Assembly can be a hassle
– Inflatable Screens can withstand higher wind

For the person looking for a very affordable screen to use at home or in a business, this screen is a great choice.

If you’re interested, give us a call. We can provide more information to you or we can take your order right now.