city of goshen outdoor movie event madagascar 3The Mayor of Goshen, Bob Thacker, contacted us about doing their outdoor movie series. Of course, we gladly accepted as we love doing huge events.

The outdoor movie series for Goshen takes place at the North Oldham Baptist Church. It’s a perfect spot for an outdoor movie with a large pavilion there for free popcorn, ice cream, and other great movie night snacks. The area is absolutely beautiful and located in a great neighborhood. Many people just walk over from their homes and this really creates a sense of community.

Lots of credit should be given to Mayor Bob Thacker for organizing such a great event. And special credit should be given to the North Oldham Baptist Church for providing the location and area to do so.

Lots of Fun Before and During the Event!

Before the actual movie, there are inflatables there for the kids, a playground for the kids, and food available for purchase. All funds went to a special mission trip for the Church. So you can feel great eating great food because you know it’s going towards a great cause.

Let me just say that the event was amazing. There were hundreds of adults and kids there having lots of fun. If you’re having a large outdoor movie event, we highly recommend you doing something just like the City of Goshen. Have some inflatables there before the event so the kids have lots of fun. It really adds excitement for the kids.

And have food available like popcorn, hot dogs, hamburgers, snow cones, ice cream, and more.

The food at the Goshen Outdoor Movie Series was wonderful. I enjoyed much of it myself and can’t wait for the next Outdoor Movie at the North Oldham Baptist Church.

This Was The First of 4 Movies in 2013

The first outdoor movie event occurred on Friday 6/21/2013 and the movie was Madagascar 3.

We brought our 2 little girls with us for the event and had to let them watch the movie at home 3 more times because they enjoyed it so much. We’re sure all the other kids loved the movie too. Lots of smiles everywhere!

Special thanks to Alisia Kinser for helping us with our kids while we set everything up. She is one of our closest friends, and we appreciated her help very much. And also a huge thank you to her husband Aaron Kinser who helps us with setups. Aaron is a great friend to us as well and much of our success should be given to him.

The second movie night will happen on July 19th and will feature Wreck-It-Ralph. This is a great movie selection for both kids and adults.

The third movie night will happen on August 16th and will feature Oz, The Great and Powerful. The bright colors and images in this movie will be amazing on the huge inflatable screen!

The final movie for the 2013 Outdoor Movie Series at Goshen will be Escape from Planet Earth. This will be a great finale to end the outdoor movie series! At this time, the event is planned for September 20th, but this date may change as there is a BIG football game that night as well. Stay tuned for date changes for this event.

A Picture Gallery for the Goshen Outdoor Movie Series on June 21, 2013

Take a look at pictures from the Goshen Outdoor Movies Series for the first movie, Madagascar 3. As you’ll see, the place is packed full of people having fun! Notice the huge outdoor movie screen. It’s actually rather difficult to catch the bright, clear, and crisp picture on the screen. We’ll try to get better pictures next time…

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What People Thought About Super Size Screens and The Outdoor Movie

Mayor Bobby Thacker had the following to say about Super Size Screens and our services:

Thanks to the Super Size Screen crew for a great movie night at the City of Goshen. Highly recommend this group. Very professional and detail oriented. Lots of positive comments of the sound system. Plan on many years of service with Super Size Screens.” — Bob Thacker, Mayor City of Goshen, Kentucky

We do pay attention to all the small details because those details make a huge difference in an event. We’re glad the Mayor noticed our attention to detail. We also try to be the best at everything we do.

We want to thank the Mayor for his great comments about Super Size Screens. And we really look forward to working with the City of Goshen for a long time. We really enjoyed the event. All of the people were very nice, and we can see that Goshen is filled with great people. Awesome event!

The following quotes are from the City of Goshen Facebook Page

The first Outdoor Movie was awesome! Great crowd, lots of fun, kids playing, plenty to eat and lots of junk food. Thanks to the North Oldham Baptist Church and all the volunteers. It is a bit of an undertaking putting on this event but the result, the community coming together, was well worth the effort.” — City of Goshen

It was so great! We had a great time and look forward to the next one in July!” — Karen Levin Butler

It was great!I loved the surround sound this time . We could hear it better this time . Thanks to the volunteers!!!!!” — Jeffrey Wayne Coleman

And here’s a screenshot from the City of Goshen Facebook page:

city of goshen outdoor movie series

A Huge Thanks from Super Size Screens to the City of Goshen

We sincerely want to thank the City of Goshen for hiring us for your amazing Outdoor Movie Series.

We very much appreciate you hiring us and giving us the opportunity to work at your events. We had lots of fun ourselves and really look forward to the next movie in your series. Our kids are loving the events too!

So we thank you again very much and appreciate the opportunity. We’ll do our very best for you in helping build community and friendships in your beautiful city. The area is so neat, clean, and beautiful. This is just one of the reasons we love Kentucky. Beautiful areas everywhere!

We hope you continue your Outdoor Movie Series for years to come and give us the opportunity to work those events.

Outdoor movies are something I remember from my childhood. Even at a very young age, I remember going to the drive-in movies. It was so fun, and that’s why I remember it to this day. You’re giving the kids from Goshen a great experience they will always remember. You are forming lasting friendships within your community!

We’ll see you July 19th for another night of fun!