The 165-Inch PRO Inflatable Screen Package is our most popular screen for medium sized events and venues. Since it’s so popular for crowds of up to 250, you’ll want to reserve this package as soon as possible. Weekends are very popular throughout the year, and we only have 1 of this screen type available so it books up rather quickly. Call us now at (502)396-9536 or scroll further down the page to reserve online.

165-Inch PRO Inflatable Screen Package

165-inch pro inflatable screen package

The 165-Inch PRO Inflatable Screen is 20-Feet wide by 14-Feet in Height overall. The actual screen is a 165-Inch diagonal which is HUGE compared to any BIG SCREEN TV. Many people do not realize how large this inflatable screen happens to be. Pictures do not do the screen justice. Here’s the comparison to a big screen television:

165 inch inflatable screen comparison to big screen tv

And the comparison above is just the actual screen viewing surface. When you put the entire screen frame next to a big screen TV, this 165-Inch PRO Inflatable Screen engulfs the TV! This screen is perfect for crowds up to 250 people. People will be impressed with the size of this screen.

What’s Included With The 165-Inch PRO Inflatable Screen Package?

All of our inflatable screen packages come with all the equipment you’ll need and full service by our highly experienced technicians. We also provide amazing value for the 165-Inch PRO Inflatable Screen Package by providing you with all of the amazing services listed below. We also have several upgrades you can add to your package:


Popular Upgrades

[modal id=”2158″]Popcorn Machine[/modal]

[modal id=”2164″]Snow Cone Machine[/modal]

[modal id=”2168″]Cotton Candy Machine[/modal]

[modal id=”2171″]6′ Banquet Tables[/modal]

[modal id=”2178″]Folding Chairs[/modal]

[modal id=”2182″]Lawn Chairs[/modal]

[modal id=”2186″]Power Generator[/modal]

[modal id=”2190″]Extra Hour(s) of Event Time[/modal]

[modal id=”2198″]High-Definition Video Projector[/modal]

[modal id=”2203″]12-Inch High Powered Speakers[/modal]

[modal id=”2206″]18-Inch Sub Woofer[/modal]

[modal id=”2209″]4-Speaker Surround Sound[/modal]

[modal id=”2213″]6-Speaker Surround Sound[/modal]

[modal id=”2215″]Additional Microphone(s) w/ Stand(s)[/modal]

[modal id=”2217″]USB Drive w/ All Pictures from Event[/modal]

[modal id=”2219″]Custom Web Site for Your Event[/modal]

[modal id=”2222″]Private Party Option[/modal]

[modal id=”2224″]Video Game Console[/modal]

[modal id=”2226″]Custom Event Tickets[/modal]

[modal id=”2228″]Laptop Computer[/modal]


Each of the links above activates a popup window so you never have to leave this page to get all the information you need. You can find prices for each of the upgrades at the links above. When you reserve a package with us, just let us know which upgrades you would like.

In Other Words, We Do Everything For You! We Provide No-Worry Packages!

NOTE: We cannot by law provide you with any media for your event or party including movies, DVD’s, Blu-Ray’s, video games, music, mp3’s, karaoke CD’s or any other copyrighted content. If your event includes more than your normal circle of family and friends, copyright law may require you to get a license for any copyrighted content. It is your responsibility to provide the media for your event.

Pictures of the 165-Inch PRO Inflatable Screen Package In Action

[nggallery id=29]

More Pictures of the 165-Inch PRO Inflatable Screen Package

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Here’s a Video of the 165-Inch PRO Inflatable Screen in Action

All of our inflatable screens have a high gain projection surface that gives you a great picture. The video projector being used in the outdoor movie below is a standard definition video projector. You can get an even better picture by upgrading to high definition. But as you’ll see, the standard definition looks great!

The 165-Inch PRO inflatable screen package is VERY popular so give us a call at (502)396-9536 to reserve your package today. We’ll be here as well to answer any questions you might have.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about this 165-Inch PRO Inflatable Screen Package, you can give us a call any time at (502)396-9536 or visit our comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions Page. You can also ask any questions using the area below, and we will respond ASAP. Please be sure to leave the correct contact information so we can get in touch with you.

Event Ideas for the 165-Inch PRO Inflatable Screen Package

You might be amazed at the HUGE range of options you have with any of our inflatable screen packages. You are only limited by your imagination. You can create a truly unique event with our equipment and services.

Picture Slideshows
Political Advertising
Real Time Video Playback
Streaming Movies & Videos
Film Premieres



You can also combine any of the above event types with the 165-Inch PRO Inflatable Screen Package. For example, you can follow up an outdoor movie with video games, music videos, and karaoke all in one fun-filled night! Make sure to give us a call at (502)396-9536 to reserve your 165-Inch PRO Inflatable Screen Package today. These go very fast so call us now.