This inflatable screen is VERY popular for Do-It-Yourself packages. We have a few of these screens available in order to serve the large demand for these packages, but they continue to be reserved very quickly. Please call us at (502)396-9536 as soon as possible to reserve this screen package today.

Here’s What the 165-Inch Inflatable Screen Looks Like On Video

In the video below, you’ll see that everything is setup and ready to go for an outdoor movie. It only takes us about 30 minutes to set this up, but we’ve done this outdoor movie setup hundreds of time. If you rent this screen in our Do-It-Yourself package, plan on about 1 hour or so if you have a few people helping you. Setup is not difficult at all, and none of our customers have ever had any issues.

We’re also available by phone at any time if you have any questions or need help with setup. We can also come and set everything up for you and take it all away when you’re finished. See our We-Do-It-All and Drop-Off-Pick-Up packages if you would like us to do everything for you. It’s very easy for you if you choose one of those 2 options.

And here’s a video of the actual movie on the screen as a continuation of the video shown above:

Notice the amazing picture on the screen even with a standard definition video projector. The video camera doesn’t do the picture justice either. It looks even better in person!

Outdoor Family Movie Night from the Front Porch

This 165-Inch Inflatable Screen is perfect for outdoor movies up to 500 people standing. If people are seated or lounging, a few hundred should be the max capacity for this screen. It’s also perfect for small parties as well.

Notice the amazing on-screen picture that you’ll find in some of the pictures below. The pictures shown below are with a standard definition projector which makes it even more amazing. Upgrade to a high definition projector to improve the picture even more.

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First Time Setup for the 165-Inch Inflatable Screen

This is our brand new 165-Inch Heavy Duty Inflatable Screen. The actual viewing diagonal is 165-Inches. Compare that to 56-Inch or 65-Inch Big Screen TV’s and there is no comparison.

The actual screen surface is a high-gain white surface for beautiful on-screen pictures. You can rent this screen in our Do-It-Yourself, We-Do-It-All, or Drop-Off-Pick-Up packages.

Take a look at the brand new 12 foot inflatable screen:

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