Below, you will find both pictures and videos of the 110-Inch Inflatable Screen Packages that we have done in the past. These are just a select few that we have done. The 110-Inch Inflatable Screen is one of our most popular inflatable screens for small parties and events.

Watching Finding Nemo On The 110-Inch Inflatable Screen

We have added yet another 110-Inch Inflatable Screen to our inventory so we can serve even more people. This one here is our newest inflatable screen with a different style of screen surface. Check this one out:

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Notice the amazing on-screen picture and no wrinkles at all in the screen surface. We’ll be adding more of these to our inventory soon. Call us at (502)396-9536 to rent this inflatable screen package today.

Here’s a video of Finding Nemo on the 110-Inch Inflatable Screen:

If you’re interested in this package, give us a call as you will be happy you did. Outdoor movies on this screen are fun for everyone!

Sweet Sixteen Birthday Party Outdoor Movie in Crestwood, KY

Watching Wreck-It-Ralph for a Sweet 16 Birthday Party in Crestwood, KY. The event went perfectly and all the young men and women enjoyed the event very much. There was lots of laughing which always means everyone was having fun.

Here’s a short video from the outdoor movie event at the Bragg’s beautiful home in Crestwood:

And here are some pictures from the event:

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We wanted to mention that the birthday girl is very sweet as she thanked us for coming out and doing the party for her. We can tell the parents have done a great job raising their kids and should be proud. Very courteous and sweet. Best wishes to the birthday girl!

Family Outdoor Movie Night with the 8-Foot Inflatable Screen

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Brand New 110-Inch Inflatable Screen First Time Setup

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