With all of our Deluxe Packages, we include 10-Inch High Powered Speakers. In fact, here’s a comparison of the speakers we include with each package:

  • 10-Inch Standard Speakers w/ Value Packages
  • 10-Inch High Powered Speakers w/ Deluxe Packages
  • 12-Inch High Powered Speakers w/ PRO Packages
  • 12-Inch High Powered Speakers + 18″ Subwoofer w/ Upgrade Only

Our 10-Inch High Powered Speakers are capable of serving up to a few hundred people who are standing and around 100 or so if they are really spread out and further away from the screen.

If you have any questions, you can give us a call as the 10-inch High Powered Speakers are powerful but aren’t recommended for HUGE events.

If you’re having more than a few hundred people, we recommend upgrading to the 12-Inch High Powered Speakers. We can talk more about your options if needed. Just give us a call.