10-foot hanging screen packages

You will see 4 different package options to the above right with prices of each package. The “Do It Yourself” and “We Do It All” options are explained below.


1) Pickup equipment from our central location in Simpsonville, KY on the day of your event.

2) Receive a quick and easy 5-minute training session at time of pickup.

3) Setup equipment for your event yourself and use the equipment as long as you want until it’s time you return to us the following day.

Advantages: You get a much longer amount of time to use the equipment. You save $100 or more. Your event is private with no Super Size Screens personnel.

We Do It All

1) Give us the date, time, and location of your event and we arrive early to ensure all equipment is setup & ready to go for your start time.

2) We run the event for you and ensure there are no issues. Up to 2 hours of actual event time is included.

3) We take down all equipment directly after the event is finished and remove from the event site.

Advantages: There’s absolutely no work for you to do. You get to relax and enjoy the event. We take care of everything for you.

Pictures of 10-Foot Hanging Screen Packages

The 10-Foot Hanging Screen can be used for any type of event. There is no air blower with this screen as seen with inflatable screens so this hanging screen is popular in small spaces. If you want to hang this on your back deck and watch a movie or sporting event, this is a quick and easy way to do so. This screen is much bigger than ANY big screen TV (this is a 115-inch diagonal screen).

10-foot hanging screen package pictures

Extra Equipment We Provide With Each of Our Packages

Here at Super Size Screens, we go above and beyond what you need. We not only provide the screen, speakers, speaker stands, and video projector BUT we also provide some extras AT NO EXTRA COST that you’re going to really enjoy.

You’ll get an audio mixer which allows you to input multiple sources of audio. This means you’ll be able to play music from your phone, Ipad, or tablet before, during, and after your event if you like. We also provide a microphone for announcements, karaoke, presentations, or for simply letting kids hear themselves talk over the loud speakers (they love this!).

If you’re going to use one of our inflatable screens indoor, we will provide you with a sound box (we only have 1 so ask us to reserve it for you) to reduce the sound of the air blower. This is a huge addition to our packages and will help make any indoor events MUCH better. We provide this at NO EXTRA COST to you!

We also provide a wireless Blu-Ray / DVD player that connects to your Internet connection. You can browse through You Tube Videos or watch Netflix or other streaming video.

We provide absolutely everything you need in these packages. All cords and cables are included. We even provide the extension cords for all packages. We have you covered on everything!

Add Any of These Upgrades to Your Package

Popcorn really adds to the atmosphere of any event. People get really excited to see the popcorn and even more excited to enjoy the popcorn while watching a movie on the big screen. The cost of the popcorn machine and supplies is very low so be sure to reserve this when you reserve your event. We have a limited number of machines available. If you choose the We Do It All option, we’ll make and serve the popcorn for you at no additional charge!

popcorn machine rental

If you’re having a party or event with kids of any age (small kids and teenagers LOVE cotton candy), you really should reserve the cotton candy machine and supplies. Tell us which flavors you want, and we’ll make it happen. Kids (most) will choose the cotton candy line over the popcorn line while adults usually go with popcorn over cotton candy. If you choose the We Do It All option, we’ll make and serve the cotton candy at no additional charge!

cotton candy machine rental

Glow sticks create an atmosphere of excitement. Kids and adults all love glow sticks. We have provided great prices on these, and we’ll take care of everything for you. If you’ve ordered a We Do It All package, we’ll even bring them to the event for you and sell them before the event for you. All you have to do is ask, and we’ll make it happen.

glow stick package prices

If you need tables for your event to serve food or provide candy or handouts, you can get your tables from us at a VERY LOW PRICE. You can compare these prices to any rental company, and you’ll see these are a great deal. Just let us know how many you need. These are limited and first come first serve.

folding tables rental

1 electrical outlet is required for the 10-foot hanging screen package. One outlet is used to run the video projector, 2 speakers, Blu-Ray/DVD Player, and audio equipment. If you don’t have any electrical outlets within 150 feet of the event area, you will need to add a generator to your package. Please call us, and we’ll explain more if needed. Our generator rental prices are much better than any rental company. You can provide your own, but one generator must be an inverter generator to run the sensitive electronics.

electrical generator rental

Bonuses With These Packages

If you’re choosing a Do It Yourself package, we will add 10 comfortable lawn chairs to your package at no additional cost. You can add additional lawn chairs at the VERY low rate of 50 cents per chair! We have a limited number of these available so please reserve as soon as possible. Lawn chairs are great to add to any event as they add comfort for anyone who chooses. You can ask people to bring their own chairs, but some people will forget. Keep everyone comfortable!

lawn chairs rental

You get 1 FREE microphone with every 10-Foot Hanging Screen Package including Do It Yourself and We Do It All packages. These are great for announcements before and after the event (such as location of restrooms) and great for karaoke, presentations, or other types of events. If you need more than one, no problem. Just ask and we’ll add to your package.

microphone rental

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about this 10-Foot Hanging Screen Package, you can give me (Pam) a call any time at (502)396-9536 or visit our Frequently Asked Questions Page. If you give me a call, I will be more than happy to answer your questions! It will only take a couple of minutes. Call me any time.

RESERVE NOW by Calling (502)396-9536

To reserve this 10-Foot Hanging Screen Package, simply give me a call at (502)396-9536 to reserve or send me an email at pam@super-size-screens.com and I’ll reserve this package for your event date. Call me now at (502)396-9536 to ensure this package is available. Hurry and reserve, especially if you’re event is on a Friday or Saturday, as equipment goes fast (many people plan way ahead).

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