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  • Awesome ideas for your events
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Our Past Customers

Here's just a small sampling of some of our past customers. All of these organizations put their trust in Super Size Screens, and we came through for them. We will do the same for you.

We have also served hundreds and hundreds of individuals for family movie nights since 2012. Give us a call and schedule your outdoor movie night with us today!

Add-Ons That Take Your Event to THE NEXT LEVEL!

We have popcorn machines, cotton candy machines, snow cone machines, hot dog machines, tables, and more. For a small amount, these add-ons take your event to the next level! Our prices are much better than any rental company so you can have more fun at a better price.

You Will Know and See the Difference with Super Size Screens

Our customers tell us how we are different and so much better than any competitor. We have been given this feedback over and over again.

  • We do the work ourselves. We don’t send kids to do the work at a low cost to us while your event struggles. We stay with you at your event to make sure everything goes perfectly. We don’t leave you on your own unless you ask us to. You are the boss.
  • Our prices are very competitive if not better than anyone else. We don’t check competitor pricing but set ours at the lowest we possibly can to stay in business and to build our business to better serve you. Our customers give us information on competitor pricing at times and they have told us our prices are great.
  • We offer huge discounts on weekdays so there is more availability on the weekends.
  • We can do up to 4 movies per night! We have 13 different screens so you get what you want and the date you want.
  • We don’t take deposits so you can cancel any time you want.
  • We treat our customers exactly how we want to be treated.
  • You get the absolute best effort from us when you hire us. You won’t get that from others because their employees don’t care as much as we do. This is OUR business and we do your event. You get the owners! That’s what makes us so very different.
  • We have a highly-skilled electrical engineer who designs all of our packages and an amazing owner who works so hard.
  • Every package includes amazing sound compared to competitors. You’ll hear every word perfectly just as you do within a movie theater. We hear that sound is highly lacking with many of our competitors. Don’t take that chance. If people can’t hear, they will probably leave!
  • We are always prepared. We always arrive early to your event and always have everything setup and ready to go well before darkness comes so you can get the earliest start time available. This is VERY important for events with kids!
  • We have been doing this since 2012 so we have more experience than any competitor around this area. We have done hundreds upon hundreds of outdoor movies.
  • This business takes hard work. We are almost always the first people to arrive at an event and the last people to leave. We enjoy this business. We are not afraid of hard work! You’ll see that if you get a chance to watch us. Competitors get into this business to make quick money, but they quickly learn this isn’t easy. Some of them try to make quick money, and you’re on the losing end.
  • We have been here for a while and are here to stay. We are still here because of customers like you that have learned we are good! And we aren’t shy about that. We are good at what we do. Ask any of our past customers. If we weren’t good at this and didn’t have fun, we wouldn’t be doing it. When we’re good, you are worry free!
  • We offer Do-It-Yourself packages for those who want a lower cost package, more privacy for their event, and a longer amount of time to use the package. We setup a pickup and drop off time that works for you. We always do our absolute best to make you happy.
  • We love repeat customers and provide them with free upgrades as often as we can! We will take care of you if you become a repeat customer. We have some customers that have been doing yearly events since 2012.
  • WE ARE THE OUTDOOR MOVIE EXPERTS. Give us a try, and you’ll see.